SCP Recontainment procedures

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SCP Recontainment guide



This guide is aimed at new players joining the server that have decided to play as a containment role, also for containment units that are unaware of these procedures.


“Working” in cooperation with MTF Beta-7 “Maz Hatters”


SCP Recontainment Procedures



Description: Large figure, made out of concrete and rebar with traces of Krylon brand spray paint. It has a “face” and is extremely hostile towards any human.

Recontainment procedure: Minimum of two containment personnel are to look at SCP-173 at all times, they will alert each other if they are close to blinking. The third containment unit will then box the SCP (Use containment cuffs on them) and drag them back to their containment chamber. Any personnel attempting to release the SCP is to be either cuffed or shot, depending on the situation.



Description: A large canine shaped creature, with an overly sized head and “paws”. The creature is red in colour, as if the muscles were exposed. Copies the voices of its prey that it killed and uses it to lure out any other personnel.

Recontainment procedure: Lure SCP-939-[xx] into its containment chamber using sounds and other means necessary, termination of the SCP is to only be used as a last resort option, such as the SCP making its way into light containment / entrance zone or the surface. Due to the limited number of SCP-939 instances allowed to be transferred to site, it is strongly advised to not terminate it unless it is a danger to site personnel.



Description: An average height elderly humanoid in a state of advanced decomposition. It is extremely hostile once active, however it usually stays immobile for months at a time.

Recontainment procedure: A recontainment unit of either MTF E-11 or MTF B-7 is to take a D class from the D class block to the containment chamber of SCP-106, the containment unit is to then enter the chamber and place the D class onto the femur breaker. The containment unit is to then leave the chamber, turn on the sound transmission and press the femur breaker button. The screams will sound through the site and lure SCP-106 back into it’s chamber, once the SCP is inside the chamber the containment unit will then press the electromagnets button on and the containment chamber will rise. If this fails then repeat.



Description: A porcelain mask displaying either comedy or tragedy. It convinces personnel surrounding it to let it free and do tasks for them.

Recontainment procedure: Shoot the host until it dies. Unless the SCP is in a cross test, in that case get a D class, handcuff it and make SCP-035 possess it. From there the SCP will be cuffed and will make it easier for containment units to lead the SCP to the cross test area.



Description: Humanoid figure that can change its size depending on what items it consumes. The entity is scarred heavily from fire damage.

Recontainment procedure: Use the size reducer tool you are given upon spawn and use it on the SCP until it is contained, alternatively, If this SCP breaches abandon LCZ, propblock the checkpoint leading out of that zone and say goodbye to all of your friends that are in that area. Resign from E-11 and find a job at a different place, preferably Walmart. From there continue your life as a normal civilian and try not to cry when you hear or see the numbers 4, 5 or 7.



Description: A slightly above average humanoid figure dressed in an old plague doctor’s robe and mask, SCP-049 has the ability to infect site personnel with a single touch, stay away.

Recontainment procedure: Ask the SCP from a distance if it is going to be compliant and not hostile towards foundation staff, if yes then attempt to negotiate with the SCP to make it return to its containment chamber. If the answer is a no then evacuate all personnel that can be infected by the SCP and lead it by a harpoon towards its containment chamber, a minimum distance of two metres is to be kept at all times with this SCP. If SCP-049 makes it outside of HCZ then ask for termination orders from foundation administration. Always ask for permission before terminating.



Description: An abnormally large humanoid figure, SCP-096’s hands are twice the height of its torso and shows signs of mild malnutrition. It has little to none body mass. The entire entity is white in colour and has no signs of body hair.

Recontainment procedure: Once SCP-096 has been located, a containment unit should make its way backwards to the SCP. The containment unit should locate its back and cuff the SCP from behind using containment cuffs. From there the containment unit will walk towards the containment chamber of SCP-096 and set it down inside of it. Additionally, another combat unit can keep watch of the surrounding area to make sure no site personnel attempts to release the SCP, any attempt at releasing the SCP is to be met with extreme force.



Description: A very large lizard-like creature that can expand and reduce its size depending on the situation it is in, the SCP has a jaw that can kill any human with one bite. It is extremely hostile towards any life.

Recontainment procedure: Gun.



Description: A small teddy bear that can walk, crouch and draw. It is extremely violent when it is not supervised and rips the ears of site personnel to create SCP-1048-A instance.

Recontainment procedure: SCP-1048 is to be under constant supervision from a minimum of one containment personnel if it is allowed to roam the site, if the SCP has been caught stealing ears from site personnel it is to be contained using containment cuffs and then taken back to its containment chamber. Two containment personnel are needed for recontainment, one unit aims a weapon at SCP-1048 whilst the other unit uses their containment cuffs (The SCP is under fear RP like this, remind the person playing the job this). If an instance of SCP-1048-A is created it is to be terminated on sight, any orders to not fire at the SCP once it is in that stage are to be disregarded.



You can also look at this document, if the layout of this post is AIDs.


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In reality:
Just run around 173 or hide behind a corner 'til he tps.

Just shoot 939. People just minge and won't go back to their chamber lol.

Good luck with 106 if he's just camping his cc.

035 one is correct I suppose?

Good luck trying to contain 457 lmao.

049's gonna get killed by a minge so who cares.

096 one is correct too I guess.

Just close the elevator doors on 682. No staff will care lol.

1048 Cuffed? Good luck. -A? Yeah sure shoot it lol.

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shoot fire man and extinguish watergirl


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