Masterkings unban

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My In-Game name: Think ''masterking'' not to sure

STEAMID: ( STEAM_0:1:455148988

Steam Name: Galaxy

What is the reason for your ban: not into roleplay i think

How long were you banned for: Perma, November 24th 2019

Name of the staff member who banned you: do not remember

Why do I believe that I should be unbanned: Looking back on what happened with how i was acting was completely not okay, I remember not being into roleplay and imature of me, I have left garrys mod for around a year now and recently got into roleplaying the right way, I would like to come back to the server the right way and with good impressions, I would like to start over and prove myself to everyone that i have changed and that i can do better. I apologize deeply for every wrong doing that i caused back than. I have changed now overtime and realized that i love these kind of games and that it was stupid and selfish of me to throw all that away, Hopefully you can understand where im coming from and how hard im willing to work to get back to the server

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Please no. You were the most annoying person ever and quite frankly tainted the reputation of Scavenger. I'm pretty sure your banned for life as well for being an idiot so I don't understand why you keep coming back and posting unban apps with little detail. So yeah goodbye 

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30 minutes ago, Blaster said:

Still think you need more time off, as you were already given a chance that you threw away. But I am amused of you not knowing the reason of your own ban.

What do you mean? it does not state the reason of ban on the comment when i try to join, also this was over a year ago so i put it something that would be most reasonable 

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You have been perma-banned twice. The first time you kept abusing scavenger disguises and your attitude led to a ban. You had your chance by being un perma-banned and once again, you make the wrong choice and get perma-banned. 


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Sorry but if you have been banned twice and you already had a second chance, you should not be brought back to the community.


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