Give Scavs Stuns/Tazers(Also Jawa Scav Model)

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What your suggestion is:

I think that scavs should be given a short range stun or tazer,  not for use in combat but for stealing vehicles like speeders since there is no mug/randomly spawning speeder aspect. Of course this would have to have cooldown and such and possibly could be abused I just want to hear thoughts.

also add jawas as a scav model it just kind of makes sense

Scriptfodder/workshop link:

everything mentioned is already on the server just not available to scavs

Any additional information:

if its a no on the tasers maybe it would be a good idea to have an area where they are stored (RO maybe?) this would increase lag
CT disguise please

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No. Scavs are already annoying. Don't make them AIDS by giving them this. 


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Please no


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1. Scavs being able to have stun guns/ tasers is a very very bad idea they could just go up to any clone and abuse their eq on them, also when regiments do use their equipment like tanks, speeders, at-rt's they use it mostly for training purposes and if you steal it during their training you can get warned for it. There is so many things that could go badly with tasers being implemented into the scavenger job that it just isn't worth the hassle, CG already have enough problems dealing with scavs without tasers.

2. The jawa model is only used for events or PME's, this might encourage people as the jawa model to do PME things like [RP] steals copper from GR and other tasks like that, the models that are there are good enough, there could be more regiments implemented into the disguises but it really isn't that needed since the server is trying to get TFA and other things to make the server more enjoyable for people.

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No on tazers and such. That is going to create more problems.

If you want a jawa model you can ask staff to model you, which most can also grant you to do a PME if they think it's fine. Keep in mind it is up to staff if they feel like you are fit to use the jawa model.

CT model disguise seems good, makes more sense as it's much easier to find in RP. 


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Nah. This server doesn't use DarkRP adverts like counter,raid etc

In fact if someone leaves a ground vehicle and you are a scav at the time you can judt yoink it without adverting (as long as it js a ground vehicle and nit interrupting a training.)

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I agree



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who cares




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Clones wouldn't do fearRP anyway so even if this was a thing, you'd be very limited in how you could steal something like a speeder without commiting RDM.

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ngl super troopers having stun guns is bad enough and people mess around with them. scavs having them would just cause them to mess around further and the whole point of scav is to trick people and be stealthy anyway, a stun gun would litrally just give away your location every time and just be pointless. what i suggest is having more models for scavs and not giving more equipment and think about it logically, they dont earn much and rely off stealing anyway if you want a atun gun as a scav steal one of a CG.


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Just no. Scav doesn't need equipment like that because theres no reason for them to use it.

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