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First of all I accidentally deleted the post, I saw that you can put it back up. So if you want to just put it back up on the forums I personally don't care. So the post was not targeted at you it was targeted at the premium members. You actually seem like a normal human unlike me:( and the premium members. I also want to say that I definitely know that the ban was reasonable but the toxic behavior reasoning for the unban deniel was kinda dumb. Also I've def seen some really young kids get harassed by adults on these forums. I actually do the same thing it relaxes me down with the laying on grass part.(Btw I can only do It in August and July cause It's freezing cold where I live(Eastern Europe btw). The white supremacist part was a joke cause I def don't think I can compare the combine to white supremacists. Also yep I am a child well a teen maybe?. And lastly I  would love to read your novel cause I am really  bored during this pandemic. And btw no hate directed to you. And here are some memes for putting up with my shit

(58) Shitpost status - YouTube (58) Shitpost status - YouTube (58) Shitpost status - YouTube

(58) Shitpost status - YouTube (58) Shitpost Status - YouTube (58) Shitpost status - YouTube 

(58) bespin guard dies - YouTube (58) So, uh, where's the cake? - YouTube (58) Shitpost status - YouTube 

(58) Unexpected - YouTube

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