Rock’s Second Event Planner Application

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Basic Information:

Steam Name + Profile link: [W-G] Rock +

Roleplay Name: Battalion 1st LT Rock

Teamspeak Name: Rock

Playtime on the Server:9 Weeks 1 Day

SteamID (

Any experience in staffing: None

Current Age:14

Warns/Bans: 1 Warn for disrespectful advert over a year and another warn from a couple months ago for FailRP sitting on people’s head.

Do you have a working microphone and is it understandable?:Yes

Event Plan:


Enemies, HP, Amount:

Clone:   Commando Droid , 2500 , 2 and B1 Heavy Droids , 1500, 7-9 depending on player count

Jedi : Force Senstive Bodyguard,70-90k hp, 2-3 model is models/player/tiki/nm.mdl and Midi-chlorian Researcher, 30k hp, 1 model is models/player/kleiner.mdl

Passive, HP, Amount: Head Researcher , 2000 ,1 model is models/player/kleiner.mdl

Republic's Execution:

A spy has gained access to the CIS database and has found a chemical DNA weapon that could make the CIS win the war. The spy communicates with Battalion on the base as they are the closest to the system where the research base is said to be. The spy informs Battalion that CIS researchers have invented a DNA with could completely demolish the Galactic Republics Clone Army. They are told there mission to destroy all the research they have made of the weapon and are granted to kill all researchers by High Command as if the researchers get free they could recreate the weapon. The spy also informs battalion that they don’t know the exact planet the research base is on and that when they arrive an alarm will go off and the clones only have certain amount of time when they arrive until a CIS fleet arrives to protect the base.  Jedi are also tasked with dealing with Researcher who has been using Jedi as test subjects to study midi-cholrians and are also told he has protection from some Force Sensitive Bodyguards.

The Mission itself is split into 3 different planets for the clones as they don’t know the exact planet the research base is on and on every planet there is a large amount of droids. Whereas the Jedi will go to Sith temple to stop the researcher using Jedi as test subjects for research.

The Clones: 

The Forest Planet: When the LAATs fly other the forest they will see a heavily armed Droid Base on one side of the planet . CE will land LAATs on the other side of planet and the troops will make there way to other side of the planet dealing with the CIS forces which have been armed with turrets and a tanks. 212th Or 327th will set up tanks or AT-TE on the venator this will be transported with CE from planet to planet using the LAAT. GH regiments such as GC,GM and ARC will be able to use their GH to get on top of the mountains. The mountains will give a good advantage of cover and GM will be able to drop down and be right next to droids so they will be able to use their FT.  DU and CG will provide cover with their shields so that frontline regiments like 501st and 327th can be as close as possible to do the most damage. 212th can use their explosives to destroy enemy barricades or turrets. The CIS forces will eventually run out on the plant and they will search planet and will not find the research base. 

The Ice Planet:  The LAATs fly over planet they see a huge satellite there are no sightings of hostiles on the surface of the planet . When they land there is a cave blocked off by some rocks the clones then go to inspect to satellite meanwhile a CIS bomber takes off and has bombing run on the plant. The bombs destroy the satellite and destroy the rocks in front of the cave as a large amount of droids come out of the cave. CE will send up a fighter to deal with bomber (who will be any trusted EC) . Meanwhile all other regiment will deal the droids coming out the caves. CG and DU could from a shield wall followed by frontline regiments as the caves are extremely close quarters.212th can deal with the turrets in the cave with their RPG. The droids forces will deplete by the republic quickly as there is a not lot of them underground and there is no research base. 

The Desert Planet: When the LAATs go over the desert planet they are instantly fired upon by turrets. CE need to use the LAATs or normal ships weapons to destroy turrets to make an opening for an area to land. CE will try to bring either AT-TE or a tank with LAAT transporter for 212th or 327th. The closer they get to the building the droids have better and better weapons. Eventually they make to research room where there is the Head Researcher who will have a final last stand inside the room with a small amount of droids. The Head Researcher surrenders but is then executed by clones because of high commands orders. After this has happened regiments must complete these tasks : CE/RC will hack into the computer and put all the data onto a hard drive then wipe the computer, GM will then burn everything inside the building so that no research remains and finally 212th will put a large amount of detonators inside and outside the building so it gets destroyed. While they are doing this Commando Droids staring falling into the planet in drop pods the regiments must hold off the droids while the regiments complete the task and then CE when evacuate the troops off planet.

Jedi:They are told that their mission on the planet directly below the venator .Once they arrive at the planet they see an abandoned Sith Temple. They then enter see a Jedi ( this is known due to him wearing Jedi robes) badly injured with a researcher inspecting it. When the Jedi go to try stop him from doing it the body guards step and tell him to stop moving and not to come any closer. The Jedi can try to negotiate by giving them money but the researcher will keep saying that he will give them double of what they other to them if they remain loyal to him. The injured Jedi is begging for help as he says that he is about to die. The Jedi can either continue negotiating or try to rescue the injured Jedi . By the time the Jedi get to the injured Jedi he dies from blood lost. Whilst the Jedi are distracted by the Bodyguards the researcher will try to get to a hidden ship behind the temple to escape. If he escapes or gets caught the bodyguards can then try to negotiate for their life.

Event Character Execution:


Before the map is switched the ECs can a briefing on what they are doing they are told that will be first be on a forest planet and to defend for as long as possible they are also told when on this planet they will not have the best weapons but they will have tank. They are then told they will then go to a snow planet where be next to the cave exit and when the rocks are destroyed by a bomber they are to push out and then told hold the caves for as long as possible. Then they are told they will then go to a dessert planet where they need to protect the research lab they are told to try shoot down the LAATs that try to land with turrets.

Forest Planet: There spawn will be inside a base on the !!! side of the forest planet. There will be a lot of barricades with turrets but they won’t have the best weapons and only have 1 tank.

Snow Planet: There spawn will be in the cave at the top but will moved downwards as the republic enter the cave. They will all be at the cave entrance and told to wait  for the Bomber to destroy the rocks in their way then push. The two commando droids for their first life on the snow planet will have flame throwers. And all droids will get better weapons like repeating blaster they will also have some turrets spread across the cave.

Desert Planet: They will spawn inside the building they will given GH , repeating blasters, cis shotgun, dlt-19 and e-22. They will have some turrets on top of hills and they will have some tanks. They will try to shoot do any LAATs that try to land near them and will try to stop anyone from entering the building. When the clones make it outside the building the spawn will be moved into the research room. The droids will try to stop the clones for as long as possible and will get a final life inside the room. Once they taken out they will wait for 1 minute they will all be turned into commando droids. Drop Pods will be deployed on the other side of planet to the building they will then be tasked in stopping the clones destroying the research. They will then drive the clones of planet and it ends.

Jedi: It’s the same as the republic execution for the Jedi as it’s just both

Story: Clone:

A Group of CIS Weapon Researchers have built a weapon that can target certain DNA. A spy within the CIS alerts the republic of this breakthrough and our troops have been focused with not letting the research or weapon fall into CIS hands or else there will be large consequences.The CIS Spy reports that are two problems: problem 1 is that they only the star system so they might have to search multiple planets and they will have around 30minutes by the time they arrive before a large CIS Fleet arrives. They search every planet in system and find the research lab and find on a desert planet the Head Researcher.

Jedi: In the same system as the DNA researchers the Spy alerts the Jedi that there is a researcher working on living Jedi to study midi-chlorains. When the Jedi arrive at the planet they see an abandoned Sith Temple  they also witness the researcher inspecting a Jedi body. They try to got intervene with researcher but are stopped by his body guards. The Jedi try to negotiate but anything they offer the researcher says he will give double for their loyalty.The injured Jedi calls for help so the Jedi then engage in combat with bodyguards. The researcher tries to escape whilst the Jedi are distracted (he will have a ship behind the temple) when he either escapes or gets caught . The bodyguards realise that won’t get anything from him as he is in jail they try to negotiate and finally get captured. By the time they get the injured Jedi he died from blood loss or if there is a sage online they can try to save him.

Event Information:

Have you ever Done an Event Before?:No

What was your event and was it successfully executed?:N/A

Do you understand the responsibilities a event-planner has? If so, what are they?:

The responsibilities of the an event planner is to set a good example for example produce high quality event with good stories that people enjoy, act mature at all times and don’t abuse EP powers and they must ready to respond to any scenario and make sure everything is running correctly.

Do you understand at the beginning of passing the application stage, you will have to undergo a training phase until completely trusted to create and host events?: Yes

Anything else?: W-G E-Planner

Edited by Rock
Got promoted so changed rank

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just yes
great guy
good event plan

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isiot man

leaving 74th

good event

fucking sound and nice guy


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old ranks;

who cares




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All said above

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Unfortunately we feel like other candidates are better fitted for EP as of right now. Feel free to reapply once apps reopen again.

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