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My In-Game name:nips


Steam Name:Dips1236

What is the reason for your ban:was on omegal and someone showed something wrong 

How long were you banned for:today

Name of the staff member who banned you:rouge

Why do I believe that I should be unbanned:please can i get unbanned i am sorry for what i done and i will not live stream anymore and i am sorry to everyone i hurt i have learnt my lesson 


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36 minutes ago, NIPS said:

i wasnt looking for it 

So you type in "Traps" and expected nothing. Right. Rogue I am pretty sure at the time said it's your fault if anything happens and it did. Next time, Listen to him.



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No effort put into this. Really don’t seem sorry


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Like I mean, what did you expect? Omegal is filled with nudity. I am pretty sure that you knew that and yet you streamed yourself.  Also you have already been banned on discord for this. As it seems that you haven´t learned your lesson, it would be better for you to stay banned for some time.


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How about no?

There are children in the discord like corn or mojave the NRP player so you are being a bad influencer 😑😪🤢🤮🤒🤕🤯😵🤠🥳😡😠😤


But seriously, you should know that it's a nudity app, well mostly filled with that and yet you decided to stream it. I say give it some times if you really wish to be unbanned

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Everyone makes mistakes i do think you have learnt from it but i think wait a little longer till get unbanned so -1 from me

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- 1

This isn't the fist time you've made a post in the unban requests and I really do not know what you think you would find after typing in "Traps" on omegle. Even if you didn't type in trap you were going to see someone's genitals at some point on that website.

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From what I remember you where on Omegal and you did search Traps and then a man came up that was dressed as a female and it was really obvious that he was a male and that they where going to show you something inappropriate. There is a discord rule that states "This is a SAFE FOR WORKPLACE Discord, used by members of all ages so be respectful please!" that clearly means that no inappropriate photos or videos etc.

I do believe in second chances but when it's something like that where it was in a channel where young people could've joined, I would say wait a while & try prove yourself mature by either playing in game or just wait a while and then return by making an unban appeal and putting a bit more effort into it.


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