New Hit Markers and Useful HUD Elements

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What your suggestion is: To add two new addons which would be useful or at least nice to have on the server

Scriptfodder/workshop link:

Hit Markers:
Any additional information: 

ARX HUD: Adds a useful and configurable ammo counter onto the side of your crosshair. It can also add other elements such as an extra health bar and a bar showing reload progress around the crosshair. Its something that i think would make a good quality of life addition to the server and it works with every weapon I tried in sandbox.

Hit Markers: Adds new, nicer looking hitmarkers with indicators for critical or lethal hits. I understand we already have existing hitmarkers that work with the weapons used on the server but the addition of crit or lethal markers would be extremely useful as to notify you if you've killed or significantly hit a target. I'm not really knowledgable about how the current hitmarkers work and i'm pretty sure that they can lag the server quite a bit if not clientside but i'll just leave this here for anyone more knowledgable on the topic than me.

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Neutral they both look good but i think its fine how it is now at least i dont really care to add stuff like this  but thats me

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Yeah same as Aleks, they look pretty nice but I'm not too sure there is much point in them.

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Ran serverside. All the hitmarkers being ran = Shit preformance

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I do like the look of the hit marker on this post but there is nothing wrong with the original one on the server.


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- I like how the HUD looks. It is definitly a decent looking HUD.

- The hit makers aren´t really needed, since we already have one in the game that works just fine.

- Another problem is that people like to customize their crosshair, which could break with this HUD for the client.

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Current hitmarkers do what they were designed to do, no point changing them at the possible expense of performance.

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