SCP-173 SWEP Rework

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Was playing 173 and breached during the beginning of downtime, and during it I recognised holy hell is the mobility absolutely garbage. The mechanics of making it so 173 remains still until he uses its SWEP for a 8 second cooldown heavily limits 173's mobility and whilst yes they make up for it with the range of it's teleport SWEP it also destroys 173's mobility in regards of turning corners, etc + the teleporter makes it very easy to get stuck.

--[The Proposal]--

I don't see why you can't just make it so you have a faster walkspeed than the average player but when your looked at you can't move for 8 seconds (Normally takes containment cuffs about 5 seconds to give so you have about 3 seconds to react to 173) then for the "blink" period have it so your able to move slightly more faster within a short duration of them blinking to kill of targets that haven't been able to contain you. This gives at least 173 more mobility in corners without having to spend about 16 seconds to turn a corner and it's about time 173 finally gets somewhat of a buff since he's so easily contained.

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I believe you may be spoiled with the vision of SCP Secret Lab's iteration of SCP-173 where he moves very fast until someone observes him.


If we were to implement this, 173 would become a racing car and containment would proove impossible as it would be moving all the time, and a lot of warn would need to be given when they FailRP with this new feature of theirs.


I believe it would be better to keep it as it is, where containment can capture it, but it can also use a special ability that TP's it away. 


But it's a good suggestion though!

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173 definitely needs a rework, but this won't solve it

As Lorex said, SCP SL has put a bad image on basically everything SCP wise, such as 096 walking around the site and all SCPs being terminatable. Which is obviously wrong, because you can't shoot 106 to death. 

173, in lore and in CB, cannot move when being looked at by 1 person, and will theoretically never be able to move if 3 or more people are constantly looking at him. That's another reason why NTF squads come in groups of 3 or more. If we stuck to the lore and put this in the game, 173 would either be extremely overpowered, flying by everybody, sneaking up on them and instantly killing them. Or extremely underpowered, and 3 people just immediately walk up to it and contain it as soon as it breaches. Remember: anybody can look at 173, so if 3 service personnel come along they can just stand and look at it until containment units come. Point is: you can't really change it so that you move around while not being looked at, or it will be very unbalanced in one way or another.

Unless you use that system, it is completely unrealistic and turning the server into a breach server. This will be painful to code, and it's easier to just lower the cooldown of his primary or secondary to make it better. Turning it from 8, to 7 or even 6 seconds to move around will make it a lot more OP than it currently is, and put it on a higher level such as 966 and get a decent breach yet still be containable.

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