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Yes, I did create something like this a while back. I've just come to say it again, and I'm gonna change a few things from last time.

hey hey people

With more low level players playing PD recently, it has come to my attention that PD has lost its title as OP and is more of a joke of a faction which metagames the Foundation, raids it and then gets wiped by GOC and Foundation multiple times over. 

Step 1: Reduce retardation - Make police officer level 20, SWAT level 30 w/ VIP, chief level 40 and Mayor level 50.

1 at a time. Police officer is probably the main job for idiots. Typically it's level 10-15 with a failRP name who go around and arrest people for no reason or attempt to raid the Foundation. I'm sure everybody has seen them before and has had some 'RP' with them so they know how bad they can be. They normally end up being demoted or warned for RDM/RDA. As with other jobs, my suggestion is to raise the level. This is to take it from being a job which you can go straight from XP machining to. Level 20s typically have played security guard for a while and are now playing engineer in order to progress and notice that if they spend all their time playing SG, they will get nowhere. It is also the threshold for typical minge removal and most minges will be banned before they get to this level due to MRDM as a security guard, so they won't do it as PD.

SWAT officer is level 30 instead of 25 because most SWAT are braindead, and don't do anything especially when the mayor is kidnapped. Making it slightly higher will make people playing it, on average, slightly better at their jobs and forcing them to playing police officer for longer before becoming SWAT. The reason for VIP is to simply make people play police officer if they are a user and do not have VIP yet. Reduces retardation and makes those who have VIP more likely to play as PD, or PD players more likely to get VIP.

Chief should be level 40 due to them getting a taser. This isn't a major increase and with the 2 previous jobs is heavily designed to force people to play other jobs and be more experienced on the server. Reasons are explained.

Mayor should be level 50 to simply put it. Why should a site advisor, a basically useless job, be level 50 but the mayor who controls the entire PD be level 40? PD consists of 8 people with guns and the mayor if he chooses to buy one, which is bigger than E-11 (7 people including the flamer, and the commander which is 8). 

Step 2: Buff SWAT unit, but not other jobs.

SWAT unit, as I said before, will become level 30 and VIP. Accordingly, I suggest to give them a G36C. This is a mid-tier assault rifle which isn't too OP, but still better than the current gear. Remove the MP5 from their loadout.

Swap out the M3 super 90 with an M1014, due to the M3 being way too under powered compared to other shotguns. M1014 is not too OP, it is not pump action unlike the M3 and offers much more damage. 

The reason for only the SWAT unit being given better gear is due to the MP5 still being decent but not good enough to fight against factions such as MCND or Foundation. It is good in close range situations and can beat an AR15 user in the right hands but in mid range surface combat, it isn't as good. However, an unarmed target can still be easily dispatched if they are running away and resisting arrest making it still a good choice for the weaker units. Another reason is due to PD being 8 slots and all of them having mid tier assault rifles will make them a formidable force in most ways due to their weapons being too balanced and they will be good in every situation (long range, mid range, short range, guerrilla, raiding, CQC) while the MP5 only offers good combat in guerrilla combat, CQC, short range and maybe mid range which forces them to perform surprise attacks and makes them not so suited to full raids on places such as GA. With only having 3 people at max with decent weapons, it makes them more likely to not be too OP.

Step 3: Stop random Foundation raids from PD

Most PD raids will have the reasons:

"This blue door is suspicious."

"Somebody told me there are prisoners down there."

"We have a search warrant."

"Why would a military base be in the subway? Let's investigate."

Hopefully you can tell that all of these are massive BS and have no meaning behind them. 

So, it should be added to the rules under raiding rules that

PD may only raid the Foundation if they have a valid reason and have witnessed a Foundation operative commit a crime and can confirm their location in the city.

This means:

A field agent disguises as PD while impersonating an officer is a crime, and the PD find out IC (by watching them disguise etc). If the field agent gives the location of the Foundation and it aligns with what the officers find, then they MAY raid due to the PD knowing that the Foundation (doesn't matter if they know the organisation's name) disguises as PD and is possibly a threat to the city.

A Nu-7 kidnaps a CI in the city and runs back to the subway with PD following. The PD witness him go back through the blue door, and know that a hostage has been taken inside the building. The PD do not need to know who the Foundation are, but know that a prisoner is inside and must be rescued, giving them a reason to raid.

A CI works closely with the PD through a deal and slowly manipulates them towards working with them and performing their goals. The CI, after gaining trust of the PD, can lead the PD towards raiding the Foundation. With the Foundation being framed for some minor crimes like murder and kidnappings, and no 'monsters' or slave rings being mentioned, the PD might actually believe them and raid accordingly.

This doesn't mean:

A CI comes to the PD and tells them about the Foundation and all the things they do, so they PD raid it. This is due to it being very unrealistic and not producing any sort of RP. The police department would never believe a random stranger come up to them and ramble about aliens and human test subjects in an underground facility. They would probably be shrugged off as an area 51 loony person with psychosis. There is 0 chance the PD would believe somebody like this immediately and raid the Foundation, making it FailRP.

The PD see a Nu-7 kill 2 people, so they go to the blue door with no knowledge of him going there. This is metagame but not FailRP due to the Nu-7 committing crimes but the PD not knowing where he went, so they raid the Foundation. It would not be, however, to AOS Nu-7 on surface or AOS any known relations (such as E-11 if they went to surface together)


  • All of these are 'separate' but are on the same theme so they are listed together.
  • Feedback is appreciated greatly, any questions or your feelings on this are all welcomed.
  • Please stop crying about PD being a secondary faction or not important. Some mayors are decent while others are worse, and most of the bad views of PD are from how retarded/mingey they are which this suggestion aims to fix.
  • PD should be given more to do with GOIs as currently the surface is a massive TDM half the time between CI, Foundation, MCND and GOC and should have more RP with other, non-aligned factions such as civilians and PD.
  • More basic criminal jobs should be added in the future. Drug dealer didn't work because the drugs did fuck all and killed you half the time, the only useful one, cocaine, is probably the only one bought. This killed any sort of RP gained from it as they never were able to sell. Drugs should give a sort of boost which is worthwhile. Might suggest adding this in the future if this gets accepted, as 1 slot job.
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Tbh all that you suggested seems preatty good an reasonable but i bet my left ball that SMT is gonna say no because PD is strong enought or some bullshit like this, as a MC&D salesman it gets super boring when Surface is dead and even if there are people its mainly as you said lvl 10 Police officers who raid club because club sells guns and some apeman in cargo pants t shirt and military vests told them that club sells drugs



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Also remove printer & drug default law. Mayors should be able to decide that on themselves. Like taxes on printers or selling drugs could be put in to place by a mayor if he feels like it 🙂


😃 helloi their mye nameizi bejamie bregei 😃

I wsa porn ta a vrey yuogn aeg 

🥂Mi titteleis🧨
🇹🇷 Marshallah Beregei (mftun77 owiernw) 🇹🇷

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25 minutes ago, Bob The Bo said:

+1 What another great Police suggestion, the police is always overlooked and I argee with the idea of it being buffed, defiantly a good idea to make the police an actual force rather than some weak minor faction.

Ofcourse you come here to say this

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