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What your suggestion is: Add a CG Detainment Droid Job

Scriptfodder/workshop link:
Model Link Part 1 and Part 2

Any additional information:
My suggestion is the addition of a new sub job for CG. I believe that it should work similar to the 74th Medical Droid in the way of getting whitelisted to it. Their main job would be to protect the (temporary) brig and do the actual arrest, say for example CG brings a detained clone to brig and hands it over to the Droid, who would put the detainee into the Metal Handcuffs, set the time and reason for the jailer, and then advert the AR. Other tasks would include manning checkpoints or constructing / defending the (temporary) brig. HP could be a little less than the Medical Droid, say 750. To become a Detainment Droid, you would need to be a Major+ and then get brig and checkpoint trained by a CG Hierarchy member. Their equipment would consist of:
- Toolgun
- Physgun
- Keys
- Clearance 2 Keycard
- Stunstick
- Handcuffs
- Elastic Restrains
- Weapon Checker
- DC-15 A/S (To protects Brigs during planetary events)

This addition would benefit CG immensely in times of low manpower, as often during events a man has to be left behind at the (temporary) brig. This could also assist in adding a reason for the restriction or outright removal of ABS. Most people only use it to detain someone when no CG is online. With this addition, the elastic restrains and handcuffs could be removed, as it would not be necessary if a MJR+ with the Detainment Droid whitelist is online.
I have talked with JH (CG Commander) and Ethan (CG Supervisor) about this and they both support this suggestion. They have agreed upon writing a document, similar to a the 74th Medical Droid Guide, on what the job includes and what the requirements are



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+1 due to me staying up late at night and early in the mornings when people like to go scav this job would help people like me a lot when the is no CG on

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People get pissed when people go ABS when there are no CG on and I think it would be very cool. I don't think ABS needs to be removed as it still somewhat serves a purpose but we'll see.


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Maybe rather than SO+ Its EXO+ It would Probably be Better and not have like 30 People with Acess to CG EQ, But Otherwise +1

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21 hours ago, Silent said:

1 obvious problem is abuse of job, the way you got around that is WL. However its still a job with little consequence so -1

Like stated, it would be like a 74th MD where WL are handed out to those trusted and trained by EXO+. You must be the rank of at least SO in any regiment instead of CO to get it, so there will be worry with abuse etc. If someone were to abuse it, they'd be stripped and also punished on their actual job.


17 hours ago, Archer said:

Maybe rather than SO+ Its EXO+ It would Probably be Better and not have like 30 People with Acess to CG EQ, But Otherwise +1

Depends on what Spades wants, but I feel like SO+ is reasonable because not all EXO+ will want to be it.


Also just remember this suggestion was from months ago, a straight copy and paste. Things can be tweaked and changed to adapt to how the server currently runs.

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Police equipment will be removed from ABS and Detainment droid will be added, without a blaster. Will be run the same way as medical droid in 74th but for SO+ rather than CO+.

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