Alan J Miller

MCND salesmen application

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*Note I am a terrible writer sorry for any tumors.

Common Roleplay Name:

Alan J Miller

Steam Name:

Sidney Cheese

Discord Name:

Ducks are amzing#2061



Your Current Warns (15 warn limit, take a screenshot): 

I currently have 3 warns

one for Random raid

one for AORDM

and one for ARDM

warns.thumb.png.73620c872b3253d7b93e90e4dedc02e3.pngYour Current Playtime:

My current playtime is 3 weeks 6 days and 16 hours

Why do you want to join MC&D?:

I have earned enough wealth that my great great great grandchildren will be billionaires but its not enough. Have you ever felt that feeling where you thought you could be better then that other guy. Maybe in the gym thinking 'ooh that guy can life 10 kg more than me ill try and get 15kg more.

its that feeling that keeps me going, that drive to get that slight bit more money 'ooh maybe if I have another 100 million ill be richer then that guy'. 

I don't only want this flame in my self I want to spark others to have this flame. I want to help others achieve true success and join me in the race to be on top.


On the non RP side

Salesmen is such an interesting job its this neutral bystander that just is there to supply everyone so they can duke it out, playing both sides to earn more money. seeing other salesmen sell weapons to every side of the hell hole conflict that is ovis interests me so much. No care for who dies because of there sales. 

The relations between it other GOI's and the Foundation, this relation of mistrust but necessity because who else is going to supply you your AR-15 and LSD.

I think I would be good supplier of ovis giving the city enough guns and drugs to last an eternity


How often do you play Bouncer/Agent: 

I play when ever I see another salesmen on I love being the bouncer of the club helping the salesmen do his thing while i protect his property

Have you read the job rules (In the Rules thread) and the Code of Conduct/Permissions in this thread?(One word is not a valid answer):

 I have read and fully understood the rules and code of conduct and will abide by them.

Had a bunch of WL but the cool ones are that I currently have.

Marshall, Carter and Dark Salesmen (Current manager)

Alpha-1 Commander

O5-8 "The Gangster"

Director of the Department of External Affairs

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my reasons are in other’s comments

Good app, Active, Competent

SCP-RP Positions

Sarkic Owner
24/02/2021 - 25/07/2021

20/02/2021 -> 22/03/2021

Senior Moderator
22/03/2021 -> 17/04/2021

17/04/2021 -> 01/05/2021

Lead Group Manager
1/05/2021 -> 26/10/2021

Senior Administrator
1/05/2021 -> 12/06/2021

Executive Administator
12/06/2021 -> 26/10/2021

MC&D Salesman

Site Director


Head of Manufacturing Department

Head of External Affairs

Unusual Incidents Unit Agent

Internal Security Department

Sarkic Thrall V5

Sarkic Karcist/Owner V6

MTF ZETA-0 Agent

Head of External Affairs V5

O5-3 like 3 years ago for 30 mins but i was demoted for erp with the HoEA 😞

other jobs i forgot 😞 i hope you enjoyed my signature


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+ Overall good app and playtime and low warn count
+ That video gave me a good chuckle lmao

- Apparently? Disrupted negotiations leading to the Foundation being temporarily hostile with MCND + being captured as an anomaly and didn't want to return to your Salesman after being offered several times leading to a bunch of peeps having to cuff you.

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Really Nice Guy 

See You Quite A lot When I'm Playing

Very Mature And Good Overall With RP

Good Luck Mate


Ace Rews 

Current Ranks:

Scp - Executive Administrator 

Scp - Lead Discord Support

Scp - Group Manager

Head Of External Affairs - HOEA

Unusual Incidents Unit - Manager- Head Of Obama Branch 

Ethics Committee - Head Of Staff

Head Of Manufacturing  - Keters Bitch

GRU Division "P" - Soldat

Chaos Insurgency Delta - A.C.E



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Ask for the WL in game, i'll give you the discord tag.

(Can someone with the Job Mangaer role on the forums lock this please)


Current Ranks:

[NRP] Kompanie "Caesar" Leutnant

[NRP] Gaustabsamt STV. Hauptamtsleiter 

[NRP] Moderator + Deputy Discord Staff Manager

[NRPWehrmacht Generalstab Hauptmann ( Chef d. Heeresverwaltung )

[IRL] Grass Toucher


old ranks;

who cares




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