Bring back KOS rule!

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What your suggestion is: To allow clones to kill the scavs when they enter MB, AKA bring back KOS rule for scavengers

Scriptfodder/workshop link: none

Any additional information: Well, most people want that rule back and there wasn't that strong of a reason to remove it and add a AOS as it's a scavenger entering a military base and not any other place . Some people may say that it would be unfair for scavs as they will die instantly upon entering MB however the job is mainly being used for minging. If they do anything wrong outside the base such as build outside or sell drugs etc, then they may get arrested and not killed.

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let me kill lizard



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+1 would be cool to kill the scav in base and i think it would be some what realistic as it is military base.

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Doesn't make sense to just shoot scavs, republic enforces laws not murder.

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