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What your suggestion is: Moving the AT-RT down to NCO and the Speeder to CO in GC.

Scriptfodder/workshop link: Already on the server.

Any additional information: As of right now the speeder is achievable at Major and the AT-RT is at 2nd LT. As a way to get more people attracted to the regiment and to make it easier for NCOs to get around in events GC hierarchy agreed to make a suggestion to shift them down. Also at the moment speeders or AT-RTs aren't used much and we are sure that this would make them used more and enjoyed by more.

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GC is in a very bad state atm. We are lacking members and intressted people usally go for another regiment because of the big rank locks on the equipment. For example the sniper which is the core EQ for GC, is locked behind NCO+. I think this idea is really good to attract more people to the regiment

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+1 Definitely, GC is in a bad state because of all the equipment locks. The new Enlisted Troopers do not like that at all. If this could help just for a tiny bit, I don't see why not.

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i think this would be a great idea and make GC more enjoyable for lower ranks

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+1 why not

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