DC17 dualies improvement

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What your suggestion is: Improve the Dual DC17s that hierarchy get to make it more valid in combat.

Scriptfodder/workshop link: N/A.

Any additional information: Currently the jump pack dual dc17s will kill someone 2 seconds faster then the hierarchy versions both being very inaccurate at long range whereas the single dc17 is pin point accurate at longer ranges and only takes 1 second longer to kill then the hierarchy dual dc17s providing you hit all shots with both

All in all i wanted to recommend this as it would give all regimental hierarchies an actual use of the dual dc17s and have another valid weapon which will perform more similarly as other weapons available

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I agree the Dual DC17s need to have more sway to them because if you have them you have been pretty dedicated to get them and it shouldn't  be out damaged by a easier to get weapon . I think this will improve the dc17s not just for one regiment but all regiments  hierarchy on the server  and make them viable 


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Didn't the damage get buffed when they nerfed the firerate?

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As blaster said on geovani's suggestion on the DC-15A/DC-15S Change + CT Weapon Change "SMT will be discussing weapon rebalances in the near future."

If it isn't being brought up in the rebalance it would be a good idea to include it in it as they are not reliable or a viable weapon choice when you have a different weapon choice.


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+1 It doesnt make sense that the jumpack ones are better as they are both the same gun i think both should have the same damage and fire rate

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6 hours ago, Shepherd said:

Didn't the damage get buffed when they nerfed the firerate?

dont think so and if it did it definitely wasnt enough of a change to be noticeable difference between single and duals 

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Your request is pending until weapon rebalances are finalized. As for the fact that the jump pack ones are better, they were viewed as a main weapon, unlike most hierarchies which have access to their respectful regimental loadout. Nonetheless, your suggestion will be looked into. 


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Hierarchy Dualies aren't meant to be used as a main weapons, like 104th have at CO. Realistically they are never going to be better than any of the regimental equipment so only time they are used is when someone runs out of ammo and is close range, which is what a sidearm is meant for.

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