Chad Boph

"Ear Tradesmen" Breaking FearRP

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Your name in-game: Chad Boph/Commander Chad

Your SteamID: STEAM_0:0:53115357

Person's you report name: Ear Tradesmen

Person's you report SteamID: STEAM_0:1:209168952

Why do you want him banned?: Person was playing the 1048 job and had ran out of his cell so I attempted to detain while under gunpoint. My gun was away when attempting containment so the bear ran away (fair enough), but it is later evident that even while my gun was trained on the bear, he stole ears from me twice, breaking FearRP on both occasions, and managing to kill me through transforming to 1048-A as a result... As a platinum VIP player they should've known better and abided by FearRP. This had occurred around half an hour before as well, but I hadn't been recording at that time so oh well.

Evidence(It's a must. If not provided, request is denied.):
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The user in question will be warned for taking ears while under FearRP.

By the way, 1 armed personnel needs to point a weapon at him, then another recontainment can cuff him.


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