ORIA | Organization for the Reclamation of Islamic Artifacts {Job Suggestion]

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SCP) ORIA Simple Logo by MingoMongo on DeviantArt

ORIA | سازمان در احياء اثار جمهورى اسلامى ايران
Shemiran, Tehran Province
Islamic Republic of Iran


Mission Objective and Basic Overview:
The Organization for the Reclamation of Islamic Artifacts was officially created by the Iranian Supreme Leader, "Ruhollah Khomeini" in 1981 but intel suggests that ORIA originally started during the 1950's.
Their mission statement is the retrieval and utilization of anomalous entities alongside being tasked with expelling Qai'dah-SCP Forces from Iran during the Iranian Revolution which took place from between January of 1978 to February of 1979.

Contrary to popular belief, ORIA is not only limited to Islamic or Arabic artifacts although they are indeed mostly focused on them, their relations with other Groups of Interest range but they are known to work closely with the Horizon Initiative and have secretly worked with the Qai'dah SCP to secure the E-Nammu (SCP-2688), the rest of the interactions with the remaining GOI's range from capture and exchange for anomalous entities or assisting them out in case they share similar goals.

While writing this suggestion I was told that the previous iteration of ORIA was removed due to them focusing on CombatRP and fighting the Foundation basically making them a 2nd more arabic version of CI, I plan to counter this by incentivizing researching anomalies on the surface, converting people and teaching them the morales and ideologies of ORIA and Islam and conducting public gathering and using any anomalous entities in their disposal to impress them and lure them.







م الله FROM: الرحمن الرحيم Ambassador Hatami                                                                                                                                         
بسم الله TO: الرحمن الرحيم Director Parviz Jafari
بسم الله SUBJ: الرحمن الرحيم Transfer of Prisoners to Revolutionary Guard Custody
بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
بسم الله REF: الرحمن الرحيم 1979 ORIA/Revolutionary Government Treaty | Article 11, Section 3
بسم الل ENCL: الرحمن الرحيم (1) List of Prisoners Required for Transfer

1. Received an annual list of demands from the Revolutionary Guards. They are encroaching, rude, and insufferably phrased, as usual. I have evaluated the relevant ones for their status with regards to our treaty obligations.



2. Fifteen (15) prisoners from nondomestic anomalous policing organizations. Seven individuals captured who claimed allegiance with Qā'idah-SCP. All prisoners captured in the course of operations within ORIA-designated sphere of interest; three in Turkey, two in Morocco, two in Pakistan. Operatives were denied as acting on behalf of Qā'idah-SCP and therefore were not reclaimed under any treaties with the Horizon Initiative. Four (4) prisoners from Global Occult Coalition. All captured in the course of operations within ORIA designated sphere of interest: three in Afghanistan, one in Oman. Four (4) prisoners from Chaos Insurgency. All captured in the course of operations within ORIA designated sphere of interest: two in East Jerusalem, Palestine, two in Tikrit, Iraq.

REASONING: All prisoners have been interrogated for all potentially beneficial knowledge and are considered expendable.

3. One (1) individual, "Robert Jessifer Carinthian Boyd", identified as having American citizenship and employment within Federal Bureau of Investigation, subdivision "Unusual Incidents Unit." Individual was captured in Palmerie de Tozure, Tunisia. Upon interrogation, the individual was found to have been responsible for the interrogation and execution of Organization agent Muhammad Feki in the course of "extraordinary rendition". All other members of the unit escaped capture.

REASONING: FBI-UIU denies the existence of Agent Boyd. Surrender of the individual to Revolutionary Guard possession wholeheartedly encouraged.

4. Three (3) prisoners claiming allegiance with heretical propagandist collectives. All captured during infiltrations of civilian groups in Tehran, apparently attempting to inspire heretical propaganda production among Iranian civilians featuring the slogan "Are We Cool Yet?"

REASONING: Prisoners found to have no useful knowledge and are considered expendable. Due to the specific phrasing of Treaty obligations, individuals promoting heretical pagan cultural works are particularly required for a prisoner exchange.

5. Five (5) prisoners claiming membership within heretical religious organizations. All captured while proselytizing for their respective organizations; two attempting to convince civilians to attend services for organization Fifth Church, Southern United States Worship School; three attempting to persuade civilians to accept mechanical implants as a means of becoming more closely affiliated with God.

REASONING: Prisoners found to have no useful knowledge and are considered expendable. Due to the specific phrasing of Treaty obligations, individuals distributing heretical pagan propaganda are particularly required for a prisoner exchange.


6. Five (5) prisoners from nondomestic anomalous policing organizations; two members of Qā'idah-SCP, two operatives of Glavnoye Razvedyvatel'noye Upravleniye, Gruppa Psikhotroniki, and one individual with no extant identity. All five were captured in the course of a joint coordinated strike with members of the Horizon Initiative against a warehouse containing multiple heavily-armed cybernetic organisms1. Cybernetic organisms were destroyed through self-destruct mechanisms during the strike, heavily damaging the warehouse, killing three Initiative operatives, and drawing Organization attention.2

REASONING: The arrest of the entire group was required only for public relations purposes, as our treaties with the Initiative would be considered unpopular in many circles, both public and governmental. These individuals are all aware of these treaties and thus should not be released to Revolutionary Guard custody. Additionally, I believe Professor Modares and Project MANICHAEA have made certain agreements with The Absence that requires that we return the "unidentifiable individual" to it/them with some expediency.

7. Seven (7) prisoners claiming to be members of heretical capitalistic organizations. Two prisoners claim to be salesmen representing the firm of Marshall, Carter, and Dark, Ltd. These individuals were captured in the course of attempting to sell anomalous goods to members of the Organization. Two prisoners claimed to be salesmen representing the corporation "Doctor Wondertainment, Inc." These individuals were likewise captured in the course of negotiating the price of anomalous goods to members of the Organization. One individual claimed to serve in the interest of an unidentified factory, attempting to market this factory's goods to members of the Organization. Two prisoners claimed to be salesmen representing the corporation "Prometheus Laboratories"; these particular individuals were found infiltrating an Organization laboratory.

REASONING: As per Treaty stipulations, these individuals did not interact with civilians, and therefore do not necessarily fall within Revolutionary Guard jurisdiction. Additionally, maintaining positive relations with their patrons may serve the state to a greater extent than can be gained through imprisonment or interrogation.

8. Three (3) prisoners claiming allegiance to the organization "Serpent's Hand". Individuals were captured in the course of acquiring documentary evidence of anomalous phenomena. Individuals have been (gently!) interrogated for information regarding their actions.

REASONING: Individuals did no harm to our interests and did not interact with civilians. Current agreements and treaties with House Afsenah require that all Library-aligned individuals be surrendered to them for debriefing and repatriation. We are ready to falsify documentation regarding their "escape" from captivity on your order, as per protocol.

9. Five (5) prisoners claiming allegiance with heterodox organizations of a nonoppositional nature. Two (2) individuals were captured bearing documents identifying them as employees of Herman Fuller Carnival of Worrisomeness; these individuals were arrested for crimes unrelated to anomalous allegiance. Three (3) individuals were captured bearing documents identifying them as volunteers operating as distributions agents for Manna Charitable Foundation; these individuals were captured distributing self-replicating foodstuff products to villages in Mali.

REASONING: None of these individuals were captured in the course of actions harmful to Iranian interests, and all individuals are members of organizations whose existence postdate the development of the Treaty in question.

10. Three (3) prisoners of unidentified allegiance. All three captured separately. All three captured in the course of unidentifiable actions. Interrogation of all three unsuccessful. I am suggesting all three individuals (one identified as "Allison Chao", bearing American papers; one identified "Josephine Avalon", bearing American papers; one identified in no way) be transferred to Shemiran for more intensive interrogation.

REASONING: The Revolutionary Guard will have no more use or interest in them than we can; these cases will likely end in cooperative trades of some kind. We suspect all three to be capable of reality-bending abilities and therefore immune to standard coercion.

11. This memorandum transmitted 11 February 2012.

— Ambassador Hatami




Ranks, jobs & Loadouts:

ORIA Imam: (1 Slot, Major to Chairman, Whitelisted) 
Loadout: Tactical, Police, Elastic Cuffs, Suicide Vest
Model: Trenchcoat model

ORIA Commander: (2 Slots, Lieutenant to Colonel, Whitelisted)
Loadout: Tactical, Police, Elastic Cuffs, Keypad Cracker, Lockpick, AK-74, G3A3, PM Makarov, Suicide Vest, Knife

ORIA Militant: (3 Slots, 1st Officer Cadet to 3rd Officer Cadet, Whitelisted)
Loadout: Tactical, Police, Elastic Cuffs, Keypad Cracker, Lockpick, MP5, PM Makarov, VSS Vintorez, Knife


ORIA Recruit/Converts: (2 Slots, PlatVIP or VIP)
Loadout: Tactical, Police, Elastic Cuffs, m1911, VSS Vintorez, Knife
Model: or the Civilian models

I also wish to talk to SMT/Viktor regarding an idea I have to add in anomalies that would be related to ORIA or if the loadout/slots need to be changed around.




Spreadsheet & Management:

Owner - Me
Manager - Not chosen yet, DM me DM me at Adlactor#8139
Vice Manager - Not chosen yet, DM me at Adlactor#8139



Application Template & Methods of Joining:

There will be 3 ways you can join ORIA:

  1. You could be trained and tested in-game by the Imam and will assist him in his missions until he deems you suitable to join ORIA.
  2. You can apply on the forums using the Application Template.
  3. You can join in through the tryouts if we ever conduct them.

Application Template (Copy and paste it):

RP Name (You can create your name for ORIA):
Steam Name:
Steam ID:
Playtime (Minimum 5 Days):
Warns: (Maximum 10, Exceptions can be made)

What or who is E-MANNU?
What is the Mission Objective of ORIA?
When was ORIA created and who created it?
When did the Iranian Revolution occur?
What was ORIA tasked with doing during the Iranian Revolution?
Describe ORIA to the best of your ability: (100 word minimum)


Edited by Nell
Civvie model for recruit/convert & Knifes for all jobs except Imam
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no no no no no no no




and no -1

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Of course you suggest this.

-Fairly done thread ngl

-People in the job will probably just minge. If you are really selective with who you pick for a job like this there wouldn't be enough people to keep it actually active.

-Even if you did get an active group of players it wouldn't matter as other players would probably treat it as just funny isis bomber job.

-The VIP open job would probs get a fair few minges on it aswell.

So yeah -1

I hope the other people who +1 this are doing it for some kind of joke.


Edited by Nathan Kennedy

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2 minutes ago, Nathan Kennedy said:

I hope the other people who +1 this are doing it for some kind of joke.

Nope it just wont be like last time coming to gate a screaming alah akbar and bombing everyone. It will actually do something this time.


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6 minutes ago, Bruno Woodston said:

the non-wl job will turn into going to subway and screaming allahu akbar

In which case they'll get blacklisted. Simple as

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لا أستطيع أن أرى هذه المجموعة تعيش لفترة طويلة ، فمن المرجح أن تموت بعد أسبوعين. ليس ذلك فحسب ، بل ستمتلئ المجموعة بالمتخلفين الذين سيقومون فقط بتنفيذ مقاطع فيديو إعدام داعش والتصيد. ماذا سيحدث بعد؟ على الأرجح ستتم إزالتها وربما إدراجها في القائمة السوداء ، مما سيؤدي إلى موت المجموعة. أستطيع أن أرى السبب في الوظيفة غير المدرجة في القائمة البيضاء ، ومع ذلك ، سيؤدي ذلك فقط إلى المزيد من المتخلفين. آسف ولكن هذه لحظة حرام بالنسبة لي.







I can not see this group surviving for long, it will most likely die after two weeks. 

Not only that but the group will be filled with retards that will just do ISIS execution videos and troll. What will happen next? Most likely they will be removed and probably blacklisted, which will result in the group dying.

I can see the reason with the non-whitelisted job however, it will just result in more retards.



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Bring back ORIA, last time it existed, I got in, went to sleep, woke up the next day and it was removed ;c

Scprp is bad, run while you can!!
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سوف يسود ORIA العليا، إلى أسفل مع الحضارة الحديثة. بينما أعدائنا يحترقون في الرماد، سوف تزدهر ORIA.  




ORIA will reign supreme, down with modern civilisation. Whilst our enemies smoulder in the ashes, ORIA will flourish.  

Proud owner of the famous Gromit Mug.



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