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These are some cool looking drones that can be used. They have low armor in general so they can be used for defending certain areas instead of assisting frontlines. Some of them can be restricted because of their arsenal (e.g. Armored Drone has both minigun and an RPG and the Mine-Dropping Drone) but the rest of the drones are good enough. It even has a hacking station for drones that can be used for RP purposes. They work well in other servers without causing lag issues but I don't know how it can turn out here.

Less than 10 MB (9.263 MB)
Can be alternative for turrets for defending positions.
Has it's own repair tool so you can repair them with it.


Some of them are OP but they can be restricted.
When they are destroyed they will cause fire to near vicinity so you will need the fire extinguisher tool that got accepted 5 months ago. 


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Talked about it in TS and sounded cool. Used the addon myself before and I enjoyed them very much.
Can be used for separate purposes and they need re-fuelling, re-arming and repairing which can limit their effectiveness during combat if needed.

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Neutral its all cool and would be fun but honestly i think they will be used a lot when added and then forgotten mostly like the console addon we have

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Honestly I like them and I think it wouldn't be a bad idea, but I do agree in some way with Aleks that they would be soon forgotten about, if they are added.

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Looks like a cool little gimmick that CE and maybe 41st could use but will most likely be forgotten about like Aleks said. Has a decent file size though so wouldn't be too taxing on the server if it was left there.

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Would be cool but I can see it not being used much

Could be useful in certain areas for example slapping one at the top of GR elevator to see who is coming down etc 

Could be more opportunity for passive RP events for EPs as well

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+1 great addon  if CE get it I generally see them using it a lot

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If they are not OP they will be forgotten

If they are OP they will be nerfed and then forgotten

I just don't see them being used much, plus with how bad the server is in the lag department I imagine drones will only make it worse until Harland decides to drop more than the cost of a Big Mac on upgrading his servers.

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Would just be something new which people forget about quickly because of how niche it is.

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