BOB2 Unban Appeal

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My In-Game name: BOB2

STEAMID: ( 76561198850329458

Steam Name: Yes

What is the reason for your ban: ERP

How long were you banned for: 6 Months

Name of the staff member who banned you: Idk

Why do I believe that I should be unbanned: I was trying to make a joke and did not know that it was such a serious offense 


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No, just No. it states in the rules that ERP is not permitted and yet you commit a very serious version of it. Wait atleast a week.

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Stated in the rules that ERP is not allowed and it is a long ban if you do end up doing that, and the severity of it is extremely bad so six months seems good to me, maybe even longer.

You even said "/me is raping a dead corpse against the rules" so you did know it was against the server rules which doesn't help your case.

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your ban is 6 weeks for extreme ERP, and the method of ERP was something you really just don't joke about, rape is never something you should 'joke' about, the ban is justified.

As Clopter said you even asked someone if it was against the rules and preceded to carry on with it, you was aware of what you was doing.

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You Roleplayed  unzipping your pants and "pulls out a long thing out the pants" then "raping the body on the bench" This is extreme ERP you are literally Raping somebody through /me which is a clear violation of the rules which you should have read upon joining the server.

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The ban is 6 weeks not 6 months. The ban is  justified, you clearly knew what you were doing was against the rules or had some sort of doubt as imeditaetly after you asked if it was against the rules. Can be argued that you deserve longer for that so take the ban and use this time to read the rules as you should have done.

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