Tyro's Event Planner Application

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Basic Information:


Steam Name + Profile link:

Tyro - https://steamcommunity.com/id/TyroSherwood/


Roleplay Name:

41st Vice Commander Tyro


Teamspeak Name:



Playtime on the Server:

10w 2d





Any experience in staffing:

None but I know the basics of ULX and want to learn more.


Current Age:






Do you have a working microphone and is it understandable?:

Yes I have a good quality microphone.


Event Plan:



Venator - rp_venator_extensive_v1_4


Coruscant - rp_coruscantbelow


Enemies, HP, Amount:



CDSP Pilot (EP & 2 Trusted EC's Before Map Swap)

CDSP Member (Alien Species) | Standard HP | 7

CDSP Heavy Gunner (Alien Species Heavy Gunner) | Standard HP | 3

- models/grealms/characters/darkjedi/darkjedi.mdl



Preacher Wredd (SIth Marauder) | 120,000 | 1 - models/player/starwars/maulkiller.mdl

Reprogrammed JHD (Jedi Hunter Droid) | 80,000 | 2


Health is a guideline, it will be dependent on the amount of Jedi online.



Republic Informant | 1 (EP) - No Combat

CDSP Leader Xono | 1 (EP) - No Combat

Apprentice Setra | 1 (EP) - No Combat


Names will be changed between map swap and when certain moments happen during the event.


Republic's Execution:

As a Republic Informant crash lands in the venators main hangar bay, troops go to investigate to find that the informant is badly injured and unconscious but locate a data disc that contains valuable information. Meanwhile a few amatuer CDSP pilots that have been chasing the informant are still in the airspace, If taken out it is possible to intercept their comms and gain more information on this mysterious organisation and their precise location. Briefing is to then take place with the information received and all units are sent to Coruscant.


Once there scouting is advised to locate and gain intel on the type of equipment and what danger they pose to the current clone force. Two routes could be taken, negotiations or full assault of their location, no questions asked.


Event Character Execution:


Clone Side - 

Three CDSP pilots chase down a Republic Informant and have no time to escape the airspace before getting shot down, this reveals some very important information regarding the CDSP.

Xono is having a meeting with his members in a private room within one of the main bars on Coruscant, discussing the imminent attack of the republic after learning of the demise of the pilots. The clones interrupt and negotiations or more likely a firefight takes place, Xono disappears with his use of cloaking tech. Meanwhile the members openly attack the republic without mercy. Eventually they will retreat to a nearby strip club to lure the republic in to flank the army of clones. When this does not succeed they further fall back to a nearby ship, unknown by the clones is that there is a cargo ship full of supplies to fund the CDSP ready to take off. The republic learns of this from the cowardly Xono who has turned himself in and given the republic valuable intel regarding the CDSP. The final assault will take place with CDSP holding the ship for as long as possible, eventually falling.






Jedi Side -

Preacher Wredd has already contacted his apprentice Setra, she is on her way from the planet of Christophsis where she is further spreading the word of the dark side. Wredd is testing his newly reprogrammed Jedi Hunter Droids, obviously spiking the interest of the Jedi who open a conversation about what and why he is doing this. He preaches about the benefits of the dark side and ensures the Jedi he isn’t a Sith Lord. If the Jedi disagree he doesn’t take it lightly and believes anyone who doesn’t follow his path should be “cleansed” or in other words killed. Battle eventually ensues and the JHD’s also get involved by his command. The Jedi finally kill the JHD’s and Wredd,  just as Setra enters the system she feels a disturbance and realises he has been killed by the Jedi. She doesn’t forget this and now follows a path of hatred...



A former Jedi turned dark side user Nubau Wredd, simply known as Wredd, has been spreading the ways of the dark side in the underworld of coruscant and for an unknown reason is forming a cult named The Creed of Dark Side Practices or CDSP. A republic informant has valuable information regarding CDSP’s activities on coruscant, including the murder of a small coruscant guard squad that went to gather intel and perhaps come to successful negotiations. The informant heads for a crash landing on the venator after getting chased down by a few amatuer CDSP pilots. After the troops aboard the Venator decrypt the data disc found with the badly injured informant, they gain valuable information regarding the CDSP and their whereabouts. Once the pilots have been dealt with by the republic they manage to intercept CDSP comms relaying even more information about them. With the pilots not responding, CDSP is expecting a confrontation. 

Event Information:


Have you ever Done an Event Before?:

Unfortunately not.


What was your event and was it successfully executed?:



Do you understand the responsibilities an event-planner has? If so, what are they?:

The responsibilities of EP involve the idea and execution of innovative and fun events

 that keeps people interested and in the long term keep people playing on the server. They are to also communicate efficiently with the EC’s and the current Battalion in command to ensure everything runs smoothly.


Do you understand at the beginning of passing the application stage, you will have to undergo a training phase until completely trusted to create and host events?:

I totally understand that I should undergo a training phase before having full rein over events.


Anything else?:

W-G E-Planner



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Detailed Event Plan

Really good playtime

Age Shows maturity

For the event to go as planned you have to have a lot of faith in the republic doing the actions you have predicted. Othterwsie you are gonna have to do some quick improv.

Jedi Side felt a little hard to understand/too little detail

Good Luck!

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Has a high clone rank 

Good EP app 

Good event detail 

As DeltaWind said the event will be dependent on the Republic 

Good health on Jedi EC

Unique Jedi Event 

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Good event idea very detailed

Good Playtime

Is mature and can be trusted with ULX

Only problem like others have mentioned if the event doesn't go exactly to plan then there would be a lot of problems.

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+1 Well made app, been hierarchy for a while now and from my experience a friendly guy.

As Deltawind said the app relies on the clones doing what you predicted which often does not happen. EPs quite often have to improvise and I think you would do a good job

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Good app, like people have said relies on variables you may not be able to control but I wouldn't expect you to try this straight away anyway, and im sure after a month or two of being an EP you would have enough knowledge to pull it off smoothly.

Nice guy and high ranking for a good amount of time, good luck mate!


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- I like your clone side even if its ambitious I think it shows that youre willing to do events even if theres risk with it. Thats what all great events usually comes from and it seems like a really solid event. I also think you would be able to adapt if things dont go exactly to plan or maybe have a backup plan so it happens anyways. 

- You´ve been a hierarchy member for ages now and you show dedication into your regiment. You´re also overall a really nice guy from what I´ve seen.

- Good luck man

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- Good detail in the Event Plan

- Experienced with the server due to your playtime

-  Great community feedback

Contact myself or Bongo on TeamSpeak for your EP interview.

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