Siege's Battilion application

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Out of Character Section -


Steam Name: SiegeQ


Steam ID: SteamID:76561198347694858


Current rank on the server: Colonel


Age: 13 (will be 14 in a couple of weeks)


What is your playtime: My Playtime is 1 week and 5 days


Do you have a microphone, is it good quality: Yes I have a microphone and the quality is alright I will be getting  a better one soon.


Have you read and looked through the Battalion Handbook: Yes I have read through the battalion handbook multiple times thoroughly.


Do you meet the requirements: Yes I do meet all the requirements except the age one which I asked Lelouch about and he said it was ok.


Quick summary about you: (70 Words - Minimum)

I'm from the UK and I enjoy playing lots of garry's mod but apart from playing games. I like to go outside and play various sports such as rugby. I joined SWRP because I wanted to give it a go and ever since I joined I've really enjoyed it and I think it's an amazing and positive community and because of this I want to stay in SWRP as long as I can. I also enjoy playing other games other than Gmod but Gmod is my main game. I always play games and enjoy various games and I also enjoy school but only some subjects such as science and history but apart from that not really but thats everything about me.


In Character Section -


In-Game name: 21st Colonel Siege


Highest rank obtained: Colonel


What current rank do you have: Colonel


What is your current regiment: 21st


What should we pick you for Battalion: (200 Words - Minimum)

I believe I should be picked for battalion because I am always active and always try my best even if I fail I do not give up easily and I will be resilient which helps me continue to be active. I also try to be in every event and lead them or just play them. I feel like being a part of Battalion requires you to be able to lead events and to know what to do and I will always try to complete any tasks that are given to me to their full extension. I have also been in DU which also gives me an insight of what other regiments have to do and how they work. I also talk to a lot of people and get to know what their regiments like and how they find it which helps my point of view on how they're regiment works. I do seem young but despite that i'm always ready for a challenge such as battalion and I want to be able to show my real skills whether that be leading or granting things or hosting trainings I will try my best and make sure I go above average and exceed my expectations and because how young I am I always have time to be on SWRP and be part of Battalion. This means I will get to know more people and get to see more of what Battalion is like and since I'm part of a frontline regiment I know how to lead, I know when to push and when to fall back and make sure not everyone dies and I know when we need to be serious. I'm also active as a CG DD which means I know when people need to be arrested and whether they need to be put in jail. I will try my best to become better friends with the regiment I'm supervising and try my best to get as much time as I can with them so I can talk about any concerns or anything that is a worry and needs to be addressed. But that is everything about why I should be a member of Battalion.


Describe the roles and responsibilities of Battalion: (100 Words - Minimum)

The responsibilities of Battalion are to lead events and when leading they are to use the voice amp and speak clearly when speaking and to keep back and not go near the front lines where you can be killed  and they ask the status of the enemies position and Battalion give the order whether to interact or attack the enemies. If you're not leading then you can either stay with the regiment you supervise and give them callouts of where the enemies are but not tell them what to do. But you have to remember that the Battalion leading can still order you to different things so you won't always be with your regiment. Battalion also deal with things in and outside of base this could be Denying certain things or granting things, an example could be trainings that a regiment would like to host or building 


Have you ever been demoted, banned or kicked: (If so, explain why)

I was new to GM and I was a PFC and I accidentally locked Rogue in the brig and didn't know I locked him in which I apologised for but I still got demoted to CT which was deserved but I learnt from my mistake.


Do you understand that Battalion is a very respectable and disciplined rank: Yes I know that Battalion is a very respected and disciplined rank that shouldn't be a rank to mess around in.


What do Battalion do during Combat, when they are not leading? (IN DETAIL)

When Battalion are not in combat they are focused on their regiment unless told by the leading Battalion to go supervise a different regiment and when you're with your regiment or whatever one you're called to. You don't order the regiment, you just give them callouts and you help them out with aid and your arsenal of weapons. Make sure you're not in the front line and use your equipment properly and smartly.


What are the 3 duties a Battalion Officer Cadet has to complete before getting promoted as part of his mentoring session?

There three goals are to do a training such as a mando or something else and they need to lead an event and also host a debrief and be able to use callouts correct


What is the job of the Co-Leader during events?

The co leader helps with big decisions such as to fall back or to continue fighting. They also help with granting or denying certian things 


Anything else: Thank you for taking your time reading this I hope you choose me and have good day.


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Siege is a friendly lad that is easy to get along with and I personally think that he'd be a great battalion member

Low Playtime

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Despite his kick from GM for locking Rogue in a brig, Siege has come a long way since then, being one of our most active and useful SOs. His behaviour has also drastically improved.

Good understanding on the different roles and responsibilities each regiment has.

Recieved a strike for failing to complete minimums last week. However, this occured because he forgot to put an LOA in. 

Playtime is very low. Generally low experience on the server.

Whilst I do think that Siege is a decent candidate for Battalion, I think he needs to get more experience leading events and just being on the server in general before I'd fully consider him as a great choice for Batt. Either way, good luck.

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Had really no interactions with you so I really cant say much how you would do in battalion. Your playtime is a bit low and you are quite young compared to the rest of the playerbase. Lack of playtime could mean that you are a bit inexperienced compared to the rest of the applicants and with your young age you could prove to be immature, but again I cannot say much as I have had no real interactions with you. I believe there are better choices going around at the moment. 

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I believe he has the passion to take Battalion seriously and he's a good lad
Bean Explains well my other issues with him but i believe he deserves a shot 

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Good man and chill, only problem is that your activity isn't the best and you received a strike recently. Playtime isn't the best but you seem dedicated for the role so i say get more active and more playtime and reapply

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- Low playtime

- Doesnt have as much exprience but he seems active especially after what Bean said.

- Seems like a mature and friendly guy. 

-  Good luck mate!

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Didn't meet requirements, if you dont meet one then contact Battalion Command to ask permission.
You may re-apply again when apps reopen

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