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What your suggestion is: CT getting AT TE

Scriptfodder/workshop link:

Any additional information: I think that CT should have the AT TE because as you can see in the picture the AT TE is being manned by a vast majority of base CT and even being gunned by a base CT and it is a base vehicle for the republic too and plus its a frontline vehicle too and it would fit us too a frontline reg. We could play a big role in the battle by aiding 212th rather than putting all the weight on them we could split the load like rather than being a burden for the republic we can add extra fire power to the battlefield. You could say that a 4 number CT can get in and start shooting up other clones but what about 212th or CE a clone trooper could get into their vehicles and start shooting clones it happen but rarely the same would happen here it could happen but rarely and as there is limited shooting seats that would mean it will be harder for a 4 number CT to get in and start shooting people because by the time they realize the spots are already taken care of by other trusted CTs plus it could make CT look good as a regiment this could help our numbers too in the reg because we actually have something that they work towards for and maintain numbers too. I think that only a Commander and Vice Commander can spawn it in and the only ones that can drive it but can be used by EXO and SO only if they are trained to use it and by leading wise its mostly done by SO and CO so that wouldn't be a issue and if some one is in it leading the co lead can help aid the CTs into battle and we could use it as a good transport too.2021_05.02-17_40.thumb.png.7feda1cb09b669a16f04c994c110fc7e.png

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Probably didn't get Hierarchy Permission 

and CT is suppose to be a Basic Ref

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In the clone wars you see a variety of regiments use a variety of weapons

No need for CT to have a heavy vehicle

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Pointing out clones in CT armour were used as an example for where the crew would go in an AT-TE cross section doesn't entitle you to a vehicle like this.

CT is a basic regiment and doesn't really need a heavy vehicle.


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-1 And i thought 21st really wanted a vehicle. Same reason as other suggestion.

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CT isnt supposed to have anything,maybe a new additional weapon but as people said you are basic regiment you arent supposed to have vehicles as there are other regiments that specialise in that, and probably didnt ask hierarchy before suggesting. Pictures dont mean anything.

and we dont have any trouble taking out enemy vehicles or infantry as we get Clone fire support.

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Like come on. It has been explained in your previous suggestion, that CT is the basic regiment and I think you knew that damn well when you decided to become CT NCO+. Vehicles as a whole kill the purpose of CT, which is to lead the new people and these people aren't usually in the TS with you, making any leading with the AT-TE way to confusing for both the ETs and your NCO+, which in the end will be counter productive. One last thing is that there will be a server wide weapons changes/reballances, so you might be getting something new or you will get a buff for your current weapons.

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You've just made a suggestion for a vehicle and it hasn't even been denied yet. Furthermore, it has been said multiple times that CT is a basic regiment, therefore not needing a Offensive-Orientated Walker.

For transport, you already have your LAAT/i in which the commander can pilot and even then there is usually a CE NCO+ on the server to do LAAT transport.

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Compared to the majority it seems, I do like the idea. People did mention that CT is a basic regiment and shouldnt have anything special. CT is still a regiment and I think that adding something new and fun to the regiment would be cool.  One important thing to remember is that the AT-TE would be used on few occasions. Tanks is used sometimes, but the majoirty of events thay are not used, for AT-TE that is even bigger it would probably only be used on open planetary maps. So any balance changes wont be necassary and the tanks arent really balanced either. I do also like the idea of transporting units on ground with the AT-TE and it would be good for CT because its often a lot of them. 

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In my wise opinion I believe it is in the servers best interest to allow all new CTs to be trained in this vehicle as it will allow more people to enjoy the server as a whole


Also give them RC weapons because they are weaker than normal weapons    supposedly 


The Boys


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Overall -1 

Would give CT's some more fun having a vehicle

If used properly could help in the long run with events and such


Could be easily abused by lower ranking CT's

CT is meant to be a basic regiment

LAAT's are just as effective if not more at transporting people

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Already said it, CT are meant to be the most basic clones with the basic equipment.

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