Flight train Wookie Chieftains

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What your suggestion is: Flight train wookie chieftains.

Scriptfodder/workshop link: N/A

Any additional information: I think it would be a great addition to let wookies get flight trained. Since people can just buy the wookie job for 5 quid and then fly a ship, meanwhile they have never flown a ship and are just crashing into everything and perhaps even VDMing people because they lack the basic knowlegde of flying ships. 

I can understand this is something hard to manage, since you need to flight train all the wookie chieftains and you have to keep track of whom is trained and who has whitelist to the job. Nonetheless, I think this would be a decent improvement overall. 

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Yeah could be a nice option for them to have, although it would be hard to track if it were to be made mandatory. Also another extra logging for CE!

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Would be a good idea but this means CE would have to keep logs of every wookie chieftain that is flight trained and that's a pain, also RRM's are not speeder trained and usually don't have much problems with it and when it does come up staff deal with it.


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You learn how to fly pretty quickly. As those who can fly have shown, accidents happen. Obviously if a guy who's been on the server for 5 mins buys WC and VDMs everyone then warn them. But you can make it an option if someone has never used LFS wants to use it but meh?

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What  Silent said I Like Living life knowing the a wookie cheiftain could vdm me at any moment

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-1 Keeping track of what wookies are FTed or not will be a pain also if you dont know how to fly and are scarded your gonna VDM a lot of people then dont fly go on single player and learn on there

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Theres already 30+ people with the job would be aids to keep track of and CE wouldnt get a notification everytime someone new buys the job

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It would be a nice option for Wookie Chieftains to voluntarily recieve flight trainings from CE if they feel they need it but it is unfeasible to have all donators with the job to be recorded and flight trained. RRMs manage just fine with their BARCs without speeder training and I'd argue they have the potential to cause more damage anyway.

Also what Silent said; gives the server suspense.

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Great Idea, Allows less Like to VDM aswell as learn Flight Rules

Would Wookie Chieftains actually Care to get FT and just Take off and just

causing more Hastle

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Would be nice for them to be flight trained but thats a lot of extra work CE have to do, since there is not a cap on the amount of people who can buy this. Plus RRM can use their speeders without being trained. I also agree with Aleks, if you dont know how to fly you always have single player to practice.

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No reason to make this mandatory, as it would serve yet another thing for CE to keep track of. Like RM/RRM, the person using the vehicles of a job can always ask for help by CE or staff. Most people know how LFS works and those who do not can always try it out on singleplayer, or again, ask for help.

Obviously if CE agrees to help them out they can, but it will not be mandatory.


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