Possible Medical RP Improvement Suggestion

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What your suggestion is: Cybernetic Implants

Scriptfodder/workshop link: https://www.gmodstore.com/market/view/6201

Any additional information: This gmodstore addon is basically a cybernetic improvements with this addon you can install cybernetics on a player yes ofcourse it gives advantages but you can give these permissions to only 74th SO's to install them also you can like make it that people need to earn these cybernetic improvements instead of giving them away it would be really cool in my opinion

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Could be a good idea but could probably be abused making stupidly OP super troopers out of enlisted troopers as they will get countless amount of stat buffs from this cybernetics.

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The problem is trying to re-balance the server weapons by buffing and nerfing certain things would just end up pointless if you add this and end up going in a circle trying to re-balance everything, looks hella cool not gonna lie but on this server I don't think it would be the best idea.


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As cool as some RPG elements would be on the server, currently it's not really in a state to take something like this on.

Many issues would arise from the addition of this like re-balancing weapons and health.

The addon looks really cool but it's just not really possible for the server now, however I think that something similar like this is the future for the server, it will just take too much time to do now.


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I am gonna be honest no. This is a very intersting addon for sure, but the amnout of content in it is way to much and I highly doubt that everything from it would be used or used in a proper way (this also cost money). Most of the stuff would be forgotten pretty early on as there is just way to much content in it, also as people said this could very easily be abused by 74th that would be able to modify a CT ET into something that would be able to dominate even RC and from what I read from the reviews this addon has a lot of bugs, which combined with 90+ players at once would create an absolute shit fest. To top it all of there is a server wide weapons changes and balances on the talk and this addon would make that talk pretty much redundant. 74th already has a ton of medical RP options, just use /me the most powerful RP tool for medical stuff and use it with what you already have.

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Cool addon but would mess with the existing balancing of the server. Also unnecessarily increases file size and could cause bugs. Just generally uneeded.

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I actually looked more into the addon and is seems quite balanced (aside from the some of the body implants) since most run off a battery system.

However they make such a little change and are reliant on batteries, don't really see much point to them as Neural implants only affect stuff on DarkRP, the speed boost and jump boost drain really quick, the thermal vision won't change combat that much and the cloak is kind of balance however OS wouldn't give up their current cloak for it, since it's not infinite. 

Only some of the impants are useful/unique and could see some use like health regen and thermal armour. If they were restricted to Researcher who could only give them out with HC permission + limiting it to one per person it would solve the problem of balance.

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Really isn't Needed and Takes up Extra Space,

Also Doesn't follow the Clone armour patterns


Pac3 Can also Do the trick.

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74th doesn't need it and I can already see the line of people forming outside Medbay every time there is an SO on

I also want to know what the 74th Hierarchy think about this, did you talk to them?

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This isnt really needed at the moment, we have plenty opportunity's for medical rp as 74th. Not to mention if this did get added i would rather see it be given to 74th Researchers than all SO's as it could tie in nicely with any research and would make more sense that they were developed through research rather than just common cybernetics given to people through normal surgery [especally with some of the effects you can get with these].


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Addon is pretty bad, has garbage reviews and is apparently very shoddily made.

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