Isaac Scott

Isaac scott's unwarn appeal

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Server you got warned from:scprp

Your name in-game:Isaac Scott

Your SteamID: STEAM_0:0:3915638

Admins' name that warned you: Xunt

Admin's steamID:idk

Why did you get warned?:  Ok so i was d class playing music through pac and dancing with it messing around and got tped by xunt to staff room where he told me to remove it i did it first chance i got with no resisting  and then was informed i got warned which i didnt even see


Why do you deserve to be unwarned?: It was a one time thing i didnt know was breaking the rules (me and william connors was doing it a few week ago) i removed the pac as soon as xunt said i have learnt my mistake and i believe no chances given or warnings was abit unfair as i have saw people with far worse pacs be given verbal warnings.  I have not had a warn in over a year and have not broke the rules in a long time.

Anything else?:

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Wait so you get in trouble for whatever music pac you did just that 1 time but not the dude that constantly does the music pac that is heard on whole map??

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Scprp is bad, run while you can!!
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i mean it is specified in the rules not to use pac to play annoying sounds , sounds are there to add detail to your PAC , like a radio noise when talking or something , it's not to be used as a 3Dradio.

Tbh this is a valid smt warn it ain't getting removed 

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