Stephen Schmidt (Candyman) application SD

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In-Game Name: Stephen Schmidt

SteamID: 76561198379501097

Age: 15 

In-Game Time [Proof Required]: 5Days 3hrs 

Past Experience in leadership/high ranking positions: HoS, Beta-7 Commander, SA

Why do you feel you'll be a good Site Director?: I am mainly active most of the time I'm on site. I have a full understanding how the foundation works, i know the punishments of the certain actions i have two warnings from which when i first started in the facility (LTAP and RDM on class-d) but from then i have changed and understood the consequences. I think ill be able to control the zones (mainly lcz as that is where i usually am) and be able to keep personnel in check. When I'm a superior to certain people if they don't listen i start to get more strict. I am a quick person when i am needed at a certain place i will be there shortly i know my entire way around the facility and know my restrictions. I try to punish or quickly tell those who disobey or disrespect me or any other superiors to show who we are and how important it is to stay in line. I think of every task being mandatory in this facility i believe nothing is to be ignored or to be optional (example, meetings). I also have learnt the many things of being leaders in some roles that you are heavily relied on to do what your known for and to never be inactive as you will be needed for the many situations that come. I realize and understand what happens when in a role like this especially combat roles knowing when i should or shouldn't go near a certain area in a situation. I am attempting to climb higher in rank and do the best i can to ensure safety for the facility, i do what i can and trying to keep every personnel in line.

What role does the Site Director have on the site?: The Site Director is the highest ranking member at the facility (aside from 05) and ensures everything going on is safe and is going smoothly. Site Director watches over all personnel aside from 05 council making sure they operate with no issues and make sure they stick to their jobs. Site director also has complete full control over the site and taking orders from nobody however the 05 decides what Site Directors decisions will be and can be commanded by the 05 council.

What is the 05 council?: The 05 council is a group consisting of 13 members they are the highest members of everybody including Site Director. The 05 make all the biggest toughest decisions they take orders from nobody and are anonymous. Most of the foundation do not know what or who the 05 council is and is to be kept that way. They have access to any information and stick to their codenames, they happen to also be the most valuable members in the facility and protected or to be protected at all times. Anyone who disobeys or disrespect them are to be dealt with as they shouldn't attempted to be overruled by anyone. (warnings including game time)


Thank you for you reading my application i appreciate the time you took to go through it.

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4 hours ago, Candyman said:

aside from 05)


4 hours ago, Candyman said:

from 05 counci


4 hours ago, Candyman said:

the 05 decides


4 hours ago, Candyman said:

the 05 council.


4 hours ago, Candyman said:

What is the 05 council?:


4 hours ago, Candyman said:

The 05 council


4 hours ago, Candyman said:

The 05 make


4 hours ago, Candyman said:

the 05 council


Tbh haven't really seen you on server

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Scprp is bad, run while you can!!
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dude im not really that type of guy but
who tf are you?
the jobs you play arent even counted as high ranking aside from site advisers
never seen you play in game so i cant make a decision about how you roleplay
the 05 council

ye this is a -1 from me
get yourself more know in the community

THE john stance


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1 minute ago, John Stance said:

the jobs you play arent even counted as high ranking

Pretty much aload of apps include Hos and others i don't know if your in a different time zone or anything but yeah that maybe why you don't see me

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