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Breach queue is over doing it I think

The breach queues are overkill.  

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  1. 1. Should the breach queue be abolished

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I have not been on the server long and I have found a fatal flaw in my opinion: breach queue. 

I think that if the doors of an SCP are open the SCP should be allowed out. I know that it is to prevent SCPs from taking over the foundation. But a code back and detonation of the on site warheads will handle that. 

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i recommend having common sense, we have players that are here to minge and not play at all.
if they release an SCP every time, there would be no RP. we already have 1048 as an example and its really, really annoying.
i say dont even bother to suggest it

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9 hours ago, Jason Haze said:

This is a joke right? Ashton Kutcher is going to come out of some corner and tell me I've been Punked right?

See the source image

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Yeah the thing is I believe this was the system in V1. You know when people were considerably less mingier than now and even then it was a problem according to what some ex hierarchy told us at the time. Now they switched to a system for a while where people applied for a breach but that there had to be 3 SoD on the server at the time for it to happen and at least two containment units. The problem with that system was how most staff forgot or didn't bother with breaches. because they had to be initiated manually The current system is a perfect compromise. SCPs breach a lot more than they did before and though I kind of believe  this isn't the best solution because it devolves them to simply being played so people can played scuffed breach mode it did make a lot more people happier and has been established to be a better solution to the previously mentioned issue than letting the SCPs just wander out. SCP 096 is already whitelisted because it can just breach and even then pretty sure we have problems with it sometimes. Maybe not but that's at least what I have perceived.

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