Anaxes show room

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What your suggestion is: To use the anaxes show room for SIM league winners

Scriptfodder/workshop link: N/A

Any additional information: I think this would be quite cool for regiments to show there acheivements and also because currently there is nothing in there so ya.



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I mean I have no problem with it, but a barely even realise the room is there half the time, let alone the the fact that I've only been there about twice since we changed to the new version

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I think there are a lot of better things that the room can be used for, as Shepherd said litteraly noone even bothers to go there, so leaving it empty until SMT figurs out on what to do with it, is going to be better than transforming it into a hall of fame.

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This was a idea back when we were setting up the map i dont know if we should use it for that but it should be used for something

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Curently working on doing something with that room 

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