Kaneki Fujimoto

Kaneki's Event Staff Application. (Wheyyy.)

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In game Name: Kaneki Frost


SteamID: STEAM_0:1:229303029

List of warns: 1 warn. a Picture will be added.



Any previous or current staff experience: Yes! Currently a Senior Mod on the server.

Why should we pick you?(200 Word Min): To be quite fair with you here, I've always loved events, they are a special thing to be hosted, I always wished that I was part of the event team, because they are so creative minded and I'd say that fits me very well! If I am going to be part of the Event Team, you won't regret it, I would host very decent and fantastic events for the players to enjoy, speaking of which, I love entertaining one another, so holding events for the players to like is a dream job for me. In the future events I would plan on involving multiple GOI's and Locations, the current Event I've written is something I thought about for a little while. [...] Putting my creativity to the test by holding events will be worth it, It'll inspire me to make even more and more events, especially small ones. With all of that being said I would be honoured, and appreciate being part of the Event Team. I will put my creativity to the test throughout the trial, receive feedback from the ones who participated or have seen an event I've hosted, and from their feedback I would possibly be able to improve my events. Thank you for reading! 🙂

Your event plan: Please press here to view my event!
I swear if that link don't work I will cry. :3 ^
First ever event I wrote. Genuinely .

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Issue might be fixed..


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Honestly? I don't even think I have to say anything. One of the most friendly & cheerful players on this server. Besides the point, I believe that you can be very creative and personally would give you the chance to proof that.


10/10 would share another crow.


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