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clarify/change 1048 rule about gunpoint

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ok this is a really simple change:

change rule 7.11.1: SCP-1048 has to follow the orders of containment units under gunpoint.

to: 7.11.1: SCP-1048 has to follow the orders of armed units under gunpoint.

ok but why?

today we had a little schism in cafe where 1048 was cornered up and under gunpoint from around 3 Nu-7 and a B-7. when said B-7 put his gun away to cuff, so 1048 was technically not under gunpoint anymore and didn't have to comply to fearrp. while some would argue he still is and this is just common sense, the rules never state this isn't allowed/do a bad job at it so technically it still is, and nobody could be warned for it

please change rules to make this a lot clearer and make this sort of stuff not happen anymore, tiny change couldn't hurt

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Scprp is bad, run while you can!!
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