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What your suggestion is: AT-AP's should be in the game, why not?

Scriptfodder/workshop link: 

As we all know CT hasnt got any vehicles, and thats abit boring

i also got an idea for an regiment with the AT-AP. (see next suggestion) 

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-1 give a real reason why to add them CT is not gonna get them cus their a very basic regiment not meant to be anything special, also add actually workship link

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dont have a workshop link for that, i cant find one, but about giving them to CT's, it doesnt have to be giving to CT. but CG or anything

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this vehicle doesnt exist in workshop or any where else so no.

and even if it would exist there is no Regiment that could get it, 212th has 2 tanks adding more vehicles would probably overpower us, probably same with DU since they are focused more on defense and thats what ATTE is being used as in events, CE fly vehicles not drive.

the rest of regiments only hierarchy can fly some of the ships. and im basing this off the current scheme with land vehicles and air vehicles used by regiments.

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Not Needed
No Workshop Link
No Regiments to use it (as Hazard has stated)

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Shepherd explained all

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There is no LFS version of the ATAP, so it would mean someone has to make one, from scratch so model+LFS coding and like Shepherd and Hazard said we have the ATTE so it would be pointless to use.


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The entire idea of giving CTs a vehical, was already rejected as everyone already said "CT is a standart regiment". You know what you are signing up for when you decide to become a CT NCO+. This has always stayed this way and it was never a  problem. Since if we give CT a vehical it would make CT just too popular and other regiments wouldn't get that many people, because most of the time CTs just stay in CT and adding a vehical to CTs would make this even more true. If you want a vehical just go to one of the regiments that has a vehical to begin with.

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If you are making a suggestion for something to be added to the server please provide a workshop link as requested and make sure that it actually exists.

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