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My In-Game name: Cody

Steam Name:  Shapiro

What is the reason for your warn: "Accidental MRDM, RPG in Cadet Area"

Name of the staff member who warned you: Toon

Why do I believe that I should be unwarned: so basically what happened was, when i switch from cadet to my 212th role and i accidently shot a LFS launcher in the cadet room and killed 14 cadets with it. The problem is that 212th SO+ spawn with the LFS Launcher out and sometimes it happens that you shot it by accident. Thats basically what happened to me and i believe i shouldnt have been warned since it was a realy dumb accident. To prevent further cases like this i also suggest to change the spawn weapon of 212th SOs



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Neutral as I am his hierarchy
Sadly this happens more often in our bunks and this time it was the spawn on a event map with cadets around. Some could say that "just be careful when spawning". Yes that is true however mistakes still may happen and lead to events such as this by slipping up just once. 
However as I said I can still see the reason to warn him as he did kill 14 people without reason by accident. 

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Well killing 14 cadets is not good but as it was said it was a mistake a mistake that couldve been prevented if we wouldnt spawn in Cadet room on christophsis or wouldnt spawn with the RPG in our hands,

yes obviously spamming left click couldve been prevented but i think most of the people do that and shoot once cause its a rifle so it wont kill anyone or you just spawn in bunks and shoot the wall instead.

yes we do know that we spawn with RPGS in our hands but server lag sometimes makes us believe we didnt respawn so we click more left click and even if we respawned without any lag we can still accidently press left click it happens.

and giving warning for accident is weird and i think he shouldnt have got warned first of all, shouldve been just a verbal warning.

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A warn for something accidental is kinda dumb. Especially when it even says accidental in the warn just a simple telling them to be more careful next time.


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If it was accidental should have just been let off with it and told to be more careful in future, pressing space/right click instead of left click can prevent this in future, remove the warn.

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Similar to a recent event involving an LAAT/i at debrief. It's also a pretty silly weapon have to equipped when you spawn in.

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Has happened pretty much to every 212th SO+ already, Cody however was unlucky to spawn right beside the cadets and accidentaly shot it. 

This has happen recently to me where I shot a LFS RPG bullet to atleast 6 212th during our DB, whenever I switch jobs I pretty much freeze for about 3 seconds and for me it still shows im cadet but when I spawn I just end up seeing LFS Launcher being shot. 

Please dont let us spawn with LFS Launcher. 


Edit: I think its about time to change the god damn spawns, except Cadets, on Christophsis to outside aswell so we dont all fucking spawn in one area with them. 

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I was one of the cadets

jk I'm Neutral, understandable mistake, but at the same time it was a huge mistake 

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It literally says mistake in the warn so it's clearly not intentional. 
Its also a bunch of cadets not like it affected RP in any way at all.

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I just saw the mention with Bobby and thats fair. It should be removed to keep it fair between players. It did seem  like a mistake which I mentioned earlier

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If it is genuinely accidental then him having a warn in the first place is just pointless. Also, other people have committed similar accidents which didn't result in warns so its only fair that Cody is let off.

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You need to left click to respawn, have been saying that 212th shouldnt spawn in with their launchers since I was 212th VC. Unfair warn as it most certainly wasnt deliberate. If anyone should be warned its the people that havent changed the slot of the RPG for the last 3 years.

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Has happened before and will happen again with 212th especially since the LFS lancher is auto equipped. This is the 2nd time something like this has happened on Christophsis

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This kind of problem has come up before but after speaking to some members of the Senior Staff team we have come to the agreement that the warn is still valid. The MRDM may be accidental but you still did it and can't be shrugged off like it was nothing. If you have any questions or want a better explanation, message me on Discord or ask to speak to me on TeamSpeak.

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