Give Staff Officers/Colonel more of a Hierarchy role

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What your suggestion is: Give Staff Officers/Colonel more of a Hierarchy role

Scriptfodder/workshop link: N/A

Any additional information: If RRD and CT SOs can do some of hierarchy's tasks then I propose a limit to Colones or a single Senior Colonel or even a deputy EXO that can do NCO - CO trainings, promote ETs up to NCO and Demote/Kick ETs, I think this would be a good idea to help the 3 hierachy that is overwhelmed with 35 people it can also be used to see anyone next in line for EXO.

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- RRD's SO currently have Hierarchy tasks due to Ethan's ROA & Jendo's LOA.

- To my belief/understanding, CT SO's had power because their hierarchy, previously at least, wasn't exactly active.

- In majority of regiment this would be 95% useless as the hierarchy as a whole is active, the only time I would see this necessary is when the hierarchy is inactive.

- Also, regiments won't get 'overwhelmed' it just takes slightly more time to do things, e.g. Promotions, trainings etc. 

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Honestly i think if you want you can just give your SO's some power yourself like promoting with permission and stuff only rule am aware of is that no one but hierarchy can have spreadsheet access

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Not really needed unless hierarchy is very inactive and ive never felt overwhelmed by 20 or 35 people in regiment and i can probably say the same for the rest of 212th hierarchy.

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I would say if you want to give power to SOs give them access to award medals and mange the accompanying spreadsheet if you have them in your regiment. Alternatively giving them specialist stuff, like how CG Staff Officers will do BT with new CG or even have permission to do DD Training.

CT SOs are the special case as the may need to demote minge CTs, promote people when Hierarchy are pre-occupied or when stuff isn't noticed. Realistically the only different between CT SOs and the rest is being able to do CO Training and Demote, as most SOs can promote people into the regiment with a tryout.
Not all Hierarchy are gonna want their SO's to promote or demote, better to have the 2 exceptions and have everything else universal.
As Hazard said dealing with 20 - 35 people ain't hard, but what set CT as a unique case for their SOs is the less solid foundation of permanent Enlisted.

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In my opinion this suggestion can be useful but super rarelly. Since even if this got approved, it is still up to the Hierarchies if they want to give their SOs/Colonels these powers you mentioned and trusts me most Hierarchies would probably prefer it to stay as it is as there isn't exactly a need for distrubiting the power even more. 3 people are usually enough.

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i think this is actually a great idea, because as a Colonel you just do tryouts/trainings in the reg. (training cadets is for NCO, nobody likes it) and if the Colonels cant rank up anymore, it should be very nice since the hierachy is only with 3.

but if we do that the people need to be trained by hierachy ofcourse

but, if the Colonels can do the NCO Trainings ETC, what makes the Hierachy more special then the Trained Colonels?

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The examples you used CT and RRD are not your typical regiments.

CT is not a 35 regiments but a 1000+ regiment as each day they get new troopers, so having SOs helping hierarchy to demote the minges or to promote some good ETs ( useful as when you promote someone after their first event then the chance that they choose to stay on the server and play more increased by a lot. also I do not know if they actually can promote ETs ) .

RRD has a very different structure from your typical regiment and also has other troopers in all regiments that they need to keep track of.


Nevertheless, as the rest people said you as hierarchy can give SOs some more responsibilities if you trust them just like the others said, like promoting people with or without your permission ( just ping you in discord and say yo can i promote this ET? ), being able to give medals ( medals are entirely up to the regiment and are not regulated by someone else so its up to hierarchy who can do what about them ) or even maintaining the regiment's unofficial spreadsheet if you have one.

Other responsibilities like doing activity and performance should be done by hierarchy as it should not take you more than 20 mins per day and anw you are the only ones that have access in the official spreadsheet. Also, NCO - CO - SO trainings should be done by hierarchy to keep it more regulated.

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Staff officers are there to assist the hierarchy by doing tryouts and being role models for new Enlisted troopers, that is already enough of role. Just because certain regiments may have different situations, it doesn't mean it should happen to every regiment.

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