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My In-Game name:Stealth

STEAMID: 76561198175117350

Steam Name:Stealth

What is the reason for your ban:  LTARP

How long were you banned for: 2 Days

Name of the staff member who banned you: AleksG

Why do I believe that I should be unbanned: So I was playing as a mercenary and I was paid by an individual to help him on a mission that included infiltrating the MB, The mission failed and I was arrested for trespassing and put in the brig for 10 minutes which I was fine with. As I begun afk'ing my Gmod had crashed and when I attempted to rejoin It came up with the ban notif. I have no evidence that could back up my claim of my gmod crashing every 30 minutes or so other than the fact that hopefully in logs it shows that I frequently reconnect due to this issue. One example was earlier halfway through an event I crashed and hopefully this shows in logs.  This was a genuine mistake that I cannot control as I have no solution to Gmod crashing every so often.


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Unfortunately I dont have a screenshot but I remember checking logs and that it said "Disconnected by player" to me it seems like you did leave. Also second thing which makes this story a bit hard to belive is that when being arrested you were speaking fine and all but then you spent like legit 8 seconds in the brig and then you "left" or "crashed" one of the two.Am saying this cus NORMALLY it takes like a minute for Gmod to fully crash unless you have a lot of script errors.

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Seems very much SUS from aleks view. 
Good luck 

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Im not so sure about this one because of your side and from aleks' side

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Neutral / -1

While I don't see Stealth as someone who would LTARP, Aleks said the message was "Disconnected by User", instead of Timed out or something. Good Luck anyway.

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While I'm more than happy to sit out for 2 days as it is my fault for not fixing this crash issue that seems to reoccur every hour or so when playing Garry's mod, the point I'm trying to get across is that I was a genuine fault from me and I had no intention of bypassing the jail system while playing as a mercenary. I would also like to reply to Aleks response by saying that if I was to "loose connection" then it would show as Timed out, however this was the game crashing and therefore it would show as "disconnected by User" rather than other log out reasons. 

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+1 He was only a Merc so he should not be banned because of that just give him a chance

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Logs show if you lost connection or left by user. In this case, it is a very short ban and is over in a few hours. Probably best to try and look into the issue you are experiencing before getting yourself into trouble In Character.

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