Zeal MRDM ban request

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Your In-Game name: 212th Vice Commander Hogus

Offender's In-Game name/s: Zealtard 

Steam ID of the offender/s: (http://steamidfinder.com

Why should the offender/offenders be banned?:
As per rules state; 1.1.1 -  As a Clone or Jedi, you need permission to kill anyone, exceptions to this are to fire back on event characters and Criminals, if they attack first. Killing prisoners without permission is RDM. 
Zeal had been recorded to been going on a rampage on the AFK Jedi in the meditating room as a Jedi Initiate and seemingly had got himself a EMP rifle which to empty on all AFK Jedi. Alongside he had decided to RDM Rex as a Supertrooper. 

Evidence: (screenshots, videos) 




Anything else to add: I wasn't there personally however all of these clips were in the CG & Jedi channel along with some more clips. This all happened during the early morning when no staff were seemingly on to deal with him.

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hes a known minge and you can clearly see as the evidence shows that he MRDM a lot of players. and therefore he should be punished.

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+1 Lost my levels screw u 

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From the evidence given, it is clear that he committed MRDM. The user is now banned.

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