Sam Kelly

O5 Council - Sam Kelly/ Director Light (Attempt 2)

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Your in-Game Name: Sam Kelly

Your SteamID:STEAM_0:1.123724426

Your Age: 17

Your In-Game Playtime: 8w 1d 12h

Your Warns: 11 


(The warns are over 2 years of gameplay) 

Rate Your RP Skills: 8

What O5 Designation would you prefer (1-12) and what character?: O5-7 - “The Architect" 

Male. European descent. American origin. Mid-30s. No unusual appearance. A former Foundation Site Director; a recent elevation to the O5 Council. After being held hostage by Chaos Insurgency, He became paranoid and constructed Multiple safehouses and renovated his office into a fortress. nowadays, after counselling from on-site doctors, he is less paranoid, although continues to keep security a top priority. As a Site Director, he used his past experience in the Security to improve the site on a large scale, improving the site overall, in a security perspective and efficiency perspective. 

Have you read and understand the rules of SCP-RP?: Yes, I understand the rules fully.

Why do you believe you should be part of the O5 Council and what can you bring to the role e.g (Pressure in extreme situations, making the tough decisions): My experience in positions that require competent people is a very good reason why I should be considered, not only because the jobs have expected nothing but dedication to the cause but also decision making on the fly, being able to change plans quickly. Being able to plan for anything, having a plan B, or a way out is almost mandatory for everything, and even when it would be best to only have one plan, a second plan is always never far behind. Being able to identify a threat, or locate a key significant piece of intel is a good example of why I should at least be considered, being able to notice something that some might overlook as non-important is a skill that can decide the fate of a battle, operation or individual is important.

Can you explain what an O5 does for the foundation and the site itself and why he himself differs from any other site Administration?: The O5 perform tasks or decide on subjects that require the upmost of importance, both due to the fact they focus on the bigger picture and not the individual, they focus on the effects of their decision foundation wide. They differ from standard site administration as they don’t take direct control of site operations and very rarely make alterations to operations on a site wide basis, let alone department change. The O5 operate within the shadows, pulling strings.

What is the O5 Council?: The O5 Council is a group of 13 directors most commonly known as the O5 (or Overseer) council, granted the highest clearance level in the organisation each council member is tasked in overseeing a certain department or operation, for example O5-5 (Head of Administration). All or a few might have anomalous abilities, each which is specific to that Council member. The O5 Council is a secret group that runs the organisation in a specific way, with the council being characterised depending on the clearance of the staff member, clearance 1 and certain clearance 2 don’t even know such council exists but clearance 3 and higher either see the council as a myth or don’t fully understand the power and grip they have over the foundation.

Are you currently head of a department (Job Manager), general staff in Nu-7 or a Site Director?: Site Director (For nearly 9 months)

What Department would you like to focus on? (Research, Mobile Task Forces, Ethics,...): Security, due to my knowledge of that area of expertise due to past experience.

(Hi, It's me Kelly speaking, Yes, this was slightly edited to fit new backstory, as well as changes to my answers slightly. As always, Feedback is always welcome.)

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Very competent and experienced Site Director, also a cool guy.



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13 hours ago, Sam Kelly said:

former Foundation Site Director; a recent elevation to the O5 Council. After being held hostage by Chaos Insurgency,



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>/f Hey can The Architect come to xxx
>/f Do you mean The Architect me or The Architect him?
>/f Yeah, do you mean me or him?
>/f The fuck? I just want The Architect
>/f Yeah but which one?
>/f The fucking Architect one
>/f Ok but WHICH THE ARCHITECT??!??!!?!

Scprp is bad, run while you can!!
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  • SCP-RP Current Ranks: PlatVIPSCP-RP Administrator, Junior Developer, MTF Nu-7 NCO, Head Of Manufacturing Department (Owner), Head of External Affairs, Site Director, The Serpents Hand (Vice-Manager)
  • SCP-RP Past Ranks:   Organization for the Reclamation of Islamic Artifacts, Sarkic Cultist, Marshall Carter N' Dark Salesman, Ethics Committee Member, Epsilon-11 Commander, Unusual Incidents Unit Special Agent in Charge (Vice-Manager), GRU-P, Head Researcher, Internal Security Department, SCP-096
  • HLRP Past Ranks:  Civil Industrial Union Journeyman, Civil Medical Union Nurse
  • CW-RP  Past Ranks: PlatVIP, Combat Engineer COL, Adv Medic
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imagine how many times we could PK him, all the endless possibilities and ways to pull it off

good site director, active, only plays foundation administration (sacrificed his life to become o5), but bad offices (get good lol)

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9 hours ago, Ezra Boing said:

Sits in office all day


I want to clarify however, I do roam the site, If you enjoy mobile Site Directors, Circo is your guy, I prefer to take it other ways. I think as long as things are done, I think both methods work. But as I said, I do roam, I do perform my duties. Just I like to take a laid back approach unless needed -which is in events or when department heads are seriously stupid.

I will however see If I can get more mobile, however I don't know if I can make that happen. Cheers for the Response.

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Heard a lot about you and most it seems to be decent enough, while also the council has voted that you be given a chance message me when you can

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SCP Developer

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SCP Manager
SCP Head Admin
SCP-Head Moderator             
SCP-096 Co-Manager
Onerioi Collective
Ethics Committee Manager
Chaos Insurgency Delta Manager
Sarkic Manager
O5 Council Manager


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