SCP-098 "Surgeon Crabs"

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Original SCP Wiki Article Here:

SCP INFO: SCP-098 is a anomalous species of crustacean. Instead of normal crab appendages which end in pincers, these crabs have incredibly sharp edges at the end of all of their limbs. They prefer to spend their time on both land and water, and are also able to speak using a larynx and primive lungs. They hunt in packs, and will surround prey and mimics its sounds to confuse it before attacking with their claws. They are also able to communicate with eachother, and are intellegent enough to remember basic patterns.

In-Game: This suggestion is based off of a playable SCP-098 that was in another SCP-RP server I played on a while ago. There was able to be up to 4 SCP-098s at once, so they could work together to attack other players in groups. Even though the idea is kind of silly, they were fun to play and I think they would make a great addition to the server.

Equipment: SCP-098 could be equipped with either the basic knife used by most human players (but shrunk to fit player model) or a Swep that allowed them to do attack quickly and at close range.

Containment Method and Containment Chamber: I think SCP-098's Containment Chamber should be in the cell across the hallway from SCP-913. This room is almost never used and the full glass wall makes it easy to see all the SCP-098's inside. Addtionally, they could be placed in 457 Chamber similar to 3114. SCP-098's Containment Method would simply be for the MTF Containment teams to track down all the SCP-098s and terminate them. 

Unique Attributes: Many things could be done to make SCP-098 a unique and enjoyable SCP.

1. Allowing multiple SCP-098s at once, I think 4-6 would be a good number.

2. Allowing SCP-098s to breach whenever their CC is opened. This might seem like a bad idea due to their closeness to all of idiotic security, but making their CC require a level 3 keycard to open would be a good solution imo. Also, an individual SCP-098 would be very weak, probably only having 100-150 HP, and not requiring a complex containment method like 1048.

3. Small playermodel. Since SCP-098 is just a crab, I think a small playermodel (Around 1048 Size) is the only option.

HP: 100-150
Armor: 0-50
Speed: Slightly faster than regular player
Damage: Low damage attacks at high speed.

SCP-098 can only communicate in simple phrases it has heard before.
SCP-098 cannot open doors.
All other rules apply to SCP-098.


This SCP could either be VIP Level 30, or a purchasable whitelist. I think it should be easy to obtain so multiple can be on at once, but not too easy since its ability to leave CC without a breachqueue is powerful.


This suggestion probably wont get accepted but feel free to suggest any other changes you would like, I basically just copied how it was on the other server. 🙂

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- Making any SCP that isn't a whitelist breach whenever it's doors are opened leads to a lot of mingery and other issues
- No space for the SCP
- SCP with 100-150 hp can be killed within 10 seconds max making it's breach less of a hinderance and more of a "Ugh why are the crabs out again for the 100th time this hour"

Scprp is bad, run while you can!!
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14 hours ago, Bleau said:

making their CC require a level 3 keycard to open

have u seen 1048

14 hours ago, Bleau said:

HP: 100-150

security will make it 0 in 2 seconds

14 hours ago, Bleau said:

Allowing SCP-098s to breach whenever their CC is opened.


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Although the idea is good.  The current playerbase of the server, and the fact that the crabs in-lore have alot of abilities the server wont be able to support, I dont see them as needed. Soo my final verdict will be -1

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I thought I answered this:

Decision: -1 / Neutral

I believe if this Idea is executed well, then it can work very well, now the problem is that as you said, these guys would only have 100-150 HP, which is low and 100% not enough. The fact that it can breach whenever it's CC is open isn't a bad idea regarding  the SCP we are talking about, I feel like that you need to improve some thoughts here.

Imo, they should have at  least 500+ HP, they can breach whenever their CC is open, and there should be 2 slots on the job (like 966 and 939)


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Good concept but needs thinking over more. An SCP with that little health doesnt even require containment units, a random lad with a weapon could cause it to contain. Suggest thinking over the concept before V7 and I think it would be a good fit but rn not sure its ready right now

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Neutral for now

- Good concept, but as like 102848389 people stated above the health is too low and people will make short work of their breaches. They will be nothing but headaches if they keep breaching, because we know some idiots will constantly open the door. In theory, yes it sounds nice itself is a nice SCP but CURRENTLY, it wouldn't be a really good fit


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neutral/ -1ish ?


uhhhh the only thing that will come from this is a bunch of security or SPs or really anything retarded at LCZ will be able to open the doors just like they do for 1048 for no reason. And having a bunch of crabs breached every few minutes would be really annoying for the rest of the Foundation to recontain, simply because I feel like there would need to be like 1 E-11 unit or someone to guard that CC at all times from minges.

Either way the research RP really dropped and I doubt anything but breaches will happen with these crabs. Just like 106 never really getting tested but only breaches.



Having a new SCP idea is really interesting and could be looked into. We could have an SCP rotation like in the past and have a bunch of new SCPs brought in the server which will rotate between different SCPs.

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