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Basic Information:

Steam Name + Profile link: | EricClownBomb

Roleplay Name (e.g. GM TRP Johan): CG CPL Eric | Jedi Ambassador Quinlan Vos

Teamspeak Name: EricClownBomb

Playtime on the Server: 4w 6d 17h

SteamID ( STEAM_0:1:80970158

Any experience in staffing: was a superadmin in NRG darkrp server for about half a year, and an admin there for another half year beforehand, i got knowledge in ULX and logs, as well as doing staff sits and organizing people

Current Age: 18

Warns/Bans: N/A

Do you have a working microphone and is it understandable?: Yes

Event Plan:

Create an event plan, this is what we will use for your first training event. Make it easy to understand and original(Use the Template):

Map: rp_mos_mesric_v2

Jedi Characters:
Enemies, HP, Amount:
Sith Apprentice, 35k, 3
Jedi Hunter Droid, 15k, 1

Passive, HP, Amount:
Jedi Knight, 5k, 1

The jedi will be advised by a distress call by a jedi knight that has been fighting 3
Sith apprentices sent on a mission by their lord, the apprentices managed to capture the knight and are now holding him hostage in a twisted game.

Jedi's Execution:
The jedi will receive the transmission by the knight and arrive to the location, seeing the 3
Sith apprentices and the knight captured in a container next to another one with 3 holocrons in it. the Sith apprentice introduces the situation to the jedi and they start working. one person will be negotiating, the others will try to fight off the two other apprentices, and maybe think of trying to hack the console that is heavily guarded by a JHD
there are 2 ways for the jedi to win this situation: manage to sneak and hack the console that turns the generator off or manage to persuade the sith into opening the containers.

Sith Execution:
Once the jedi arrive to the location, one of the
Sith apprentices explain the situation to the jedi: there are 2 containers, one is filled with 3 holocrons and one is filled with the captured jedi knight, the jedi need to make a choice between the two. the apprentice then tells the jedi that he has a killswitch implanted on him so when he dies, both of the containers explode. meanwhile, the leading apprentice tells the other 2 apprentices to fight the jedi to distract them.  the Sith's desire is to appease their master, that have always taught them the jedi are evil and will kill anyone in their path.

Clone Characters:
Enemies, HP, Amount:

Commando Droid, 3000, 3 (any 41st clone that dies turns into another commando droid, so 6 overall)
Sniper Droid, 1700, 1
Heavy Droid, 3300, 5

41st Ranger Commander, 2000, 1, will turn into commando droids the moment they die
41st Ranger Lieutenant, 1800, 1, will turn into commando droids the moment they die
41st Ranger Corporal, 1500, 1, will turn into commando droids the moment they die

Passive, HP, Amount:

Admiral Jeremy, 3000, 1 (Battle Armor)

Republic's Execution:

Base Map Briefing: Leading Battalion calls all clones to the briefing area to tell them: "A team of the 41st Ranger Platoon and an admiral has been ambushed by a group of droids, only two of the clones are left and the admiral is in bad shape, we will go to the town of Mos Mesric to save them and get the admiral out of there alive"

Event Map Brief: Leading battalion will explain shortly again that we need to save a group of 41st clones and their admiral, info has it that a group of commando droids are besieging them as we speak, then command
GC and GM to start looking for hostiles, and the rest be on defcon 4 and scout.

someone will notice the droids shooting into the HQ, then battalion would order everyone to get to HQ and start fighting the hostiles, 
DU will be placing barricades and 501st and 327th will go in first to take out the droids surrounding the clones inside the HQ, once the clones took over the droids, a CIS ship will get into orbit and start deploying droids behind the clone line, then CE will be called for taking the CIS ship to stop the droids from coming back and 212th will blow up the drop pods that the CIS ship dropped, meanwhile, CG will be defending the HQ with a 74th member to fix up the injured admiral.

Event Character Execution:

FIRST PHASE: The droids will start shooting at the HQ and trying to fight off the clones inside to get to the admiral.
Positions: the 8 ground droids will be stationed around HQ to start shooting it, and a sniper will be stationed to the left on a roof and start sniping at droids coming in.

SECOND PHASE:  once the droids are starting to lose, the final droid will send a distress signal which calls a CIS ship to close in on the clones fighting the first batch of droids. Droids will keep coming in drop pods untill the ship is destroyed and all the drop pods are blown up. 
Positions: ground droids are coming in from the drop pod, sniper will move around 

A team of 41st Ranger troopers went on a mission with their Admiral to search for enemy information in urban towns, while doing so the team was ambushed by a group of CIS Droids, the CIS know that the admiral has important information and will not allow him to live. The republic comes in with big reinforcements, taking out the droids and taking over the HQ in that town.
Later the CIS decides to attack the clone reinforcements with a backline approach, they came into the planet with a CIS Munificent ship to take back the admiral before he gets the information about their next attack out.
Facing terrible odds, the republic manages to destroy the droids and bring the admiral back home safely with the information intact.

Event Information: A rescue mission turned defense in an attempt to save an admiral and his crew

Have you ever Done an Event Before?:  Other than many jedi hologram trainings and assisting with giving EP's event ideas, no.

Do you understand the responsibilities a event-planner has? If so, what are they?: I understand the responsibilities an event planner has, which are first and foremost to be a manager, to manage 100 people separated into different groups is a huge responsibility. another responsibility of an event planner is to entertain their players with fun and unique events, and also adhere to their requests and complaints.

Do you understand at the beginning of passing the application stage, you will have to undergo a training phase until completely trusted to create and host events?: I understand that and will happily oblige.

Anything else?:  I really hope to be accepted, mainly to help with jedi events that a lot of the times come out sloppy, i think, being a jedi and one with a role that is very invested in the passive RP side and leading side of Jedi ill be able to create events that will be very fun and interactive.

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Big Brain move ngl

11 minutes ago, Frenchy said:

Damn 2 separate applications. Double the chance of getting accepted


Current Ranks : IRP Administrator, ISB Senior Agent

Previous Ranks Fleet Warrant Officer, Sith Lord, ISB Agent, Trooper EP,
Sith EP, Jedi Warlock, JT Commando Medic Colonel, Purge Sergeant Major HMO 1402, Jedi Historian, 74th DMO, 501st VC, Jedi Lead Honour Guard [Master], Wolfpack EXO

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Reading your application, there are a few things I am confused with.

You have two scenarios which are very different happening on the same map. The Jedi Knight and Admiral both send out distress signals at the same time, which is very convenient. The plan for the clone event seems okay, better than average but nothing amazing. It would be nice to see a fire fight already taking place when we arrive, for us clones to go assist straight away. 

With what is happening with the Jedi, I think it would be very odd for a Sith to just put a Jedi Knight and 3 Holocrons into separate containers, to rig them with explosions and to setup a kill switch, almost like he was expecting some Jedi to show up.

In my opinion, everything really seems convenient and has a lot of plot armour for these events to happen.

Also another thing being your activity, as it is very bipolar due to you serving in the military, as you could suddenly disapear for a week at a time.

You do however have over 4 weeks of playtime, therefore showing you have experience with participating in events and how they are executed, however I really don't think it would be best for you to become an EP, to balance that out with CG, Jedi, and your real life work. Either way, if you still intend on becoming an EP, good luck!



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With the event team being near full, we unfortunately didn't think you would be the best candidate for the last spot. Feel free to reapply once apps reopen again


Past ranks:

Nobody cares

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