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Perma banned but I did nothing wrong ?

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Your In-game name: Stickey / Mr Pringles

Your Steam ID STEAM_0:1:578862597


Reason of the ban: NH2RP

Date you were banned on: 12/29/2021

Duration of ban: Perma

Admin who banned you (In-game name / Steam name/ Steam ID): Kaneki Frost(STEAM_0:1:229303029)


Explain the situation of your ban from your point of view in detail: So I hopped onto mayor job and I made a law Guns/Knvies out are KOS/AOS. some admin TP'd to me and said I couldnt have laws that mean the police can rdm anyone with a gun out, so I changed it to 2 Handed guns out are KOS/AOS, which means you can have pistols and knives equipped, just not assault rifles and such. that seems fair right? so the admin didnt TP back to me so I thought the laws were allowed. Then I got a message in OOC chat saying "bye pringles" and I didnt even know what was happening so I said hm? before I could even ask what I did wrong I got perma banned... im not sure what NH2RP stands for. Also I did nothing wrong though today, I literally didnt break any rules, except for the AOS/KOS law which I didnt know about. Ok so I went to discord to ask why he banned me, I pinged Kaneki Frost with the words " Why am I banned ?" and the I got perma banned from discord for: "Permabanned. Thanks for making our jobs easier"   What did I do though?

Do you think your ban was justified: I didnt breal any rules 😕 I bet since he's a vice manager i'm not getting unbanned but I wanna know what I did wrong

Why should you be unbanned: I didnt break any rules though or I didnt think I did


Any kind of evidence: image.png.ac65aba5f6822728af7c719797d73ada.png

Additional information:

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Scprp is bad, run while you can!!
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I have moved this request from the NRP section to here.

Kind regards. Hendrik Scheppert.

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You were warned several times before, you constantly said "cope" or "idc"

you were given many chances, yet you refused to pay attention to how many chances were given to you.

This ban is more than deserved, take it and leave it. 


Good riddance 

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