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RP name: Alec Wellson

Steam name: piss drinker

SteamID: 76561198330288921

Playtime: 1 Week.

Warnings and how you got them:17, in the past, i was a minge, but now, im have changed i swear.

What is UIU?: its special FBI division devoted to rapid response to paranormal events and crimes, the UIU has been known to engage in combat alongside and against various anomalous organizations in the past, including fight over GRU-P and being on Foundation supervision

What is Three Portlands?:Three Portlands is a pocket dimension, so it exists apart from the rest of the world. It's connected by mystical portals to Portland Oregon; Portland, Maine; and the Isle of Portland.

Why do you wish to join UIU?: Im interseted in playing in a diffrent surface GOI and find new friend and i want to roleplay on surface.

What makes UIU different from groups like GOC, GRU-P, etc?: UIU, is an FBI devison, and their purpose is to focus on utitilzing anomalis and preventing commies form doing it.

i have commited multiple violation of foundation's codex 



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Denied and wrong place for app
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Scprp is bad, run while you can!!
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