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Crimson Oni's Event Planner Application

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In game Name: Crimson Oni


List of warns  Screenshot from a while ago but It still the same 


Any previous or current staff experience: No I do not have any previous experience as a staff member and I am currently not one. 

Why should we pick you?(200 Word Min): Since I first joined the server I have viewed events as some of the most fun you can have on the server and I would love to be given the opportunity to create events of my own that would hopefully be unique and fun for players. As an  EP I would  create unique, fun and interesting rp scenarios during events which hopefully  players would enjoy participating in.  I also know the responsibilities of being an event planner and I understand the consequences of abusing the role. For example in the event I abused my As an EP  I would also listen to the community's feedback on my events. For example if people said that my event involved too  much combat rp I would attempt to rectify that issue in my next event by doing more passive/research rp.   Despite never being a staff member on a server I do have some knowledge of ULX commands.  For example armor,blind,cloak,freeze and hp I would all know and I will list how to use them below. 

  • ulx armor <players> <armor: 0<=x<=255> - Sets the armor for target(s). (say: !armor)

  • ulx blind <players> [<amount: 0<=x<=255, default 255>] - Blinds target(s). (say: !blind) (opposite: ulx unblind)

  • ulx cloak [<players, defaults to self>] [<amount: 0<=x<=255, default 255>] - Cloaks target(s). (say: !cloak) (opposite: ulx uncloak)

  • ulx freeze <players> - Freezes target(s). (say: !freeze) (opposite: ulx unfreeze)

  • ulx hp <players> <hp: 1<=x<=2147483647> - Sets the hp for target(s). (say: !hp)


Your event plan:Crimson Oni's Something Wicked This Way Comes Event Concept - Google Docs


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Fat slag



Why not? 

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- Oni is an nice dude
- All are Foundation only event ideas

Something Wicked This Way Comes Event Concept
- If GOI have anomalies, the event will be Foundation constantly raiding said GOI till event can continue once the Foundation have anomaly in possession
- The "will tell you to kill xxx" will result in a shit show
- Anomalies will only display abilities once inside site...
- Only Foundation can actually do stuff with the anomalies

''Camping'' Event Concept
- Not really seeing the "passive RP". Just a defend fob by shooting stuff, search and destroy the stuff and capture stuff

Edited by Joe Conner

Scprp is bad, run while you can!!
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-1 i feel like you will be unfit for the position

Had a bunch of WL but the cool ones are that I currently have.

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Your event plans are definitely above average but could do with some work, it's clear that you need to refine the formula of what makes an event passive or engaging combat. A good start, but due to not knowing you well combined with having no prior staff experience I'll have to say no for now.


Please reapply the next time an EP slot opens up.

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