soljays second EP App

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Steam Name + Profile link: Soljay213

roleplay Name (e.g. GM TRP Johan / Jedi Padawan Ngannou): 104th NS COL Soljay/ jedi knight Soljay

Teamspeak Name: soljay

Playtime on the Server: 3 weeks 1 day 20 hours 

SteamID ( STEAM_0:1:90371278

Any experience in staffing on a roleplay server: a bit yes 

Current Age:19


Do you have a working microphone and is it understandable?: yes and yes

Event Plan: in the doc linked above 

Map:   vanqur

Enemies, HP, Amount:
B2  Battle Droid - HP 1700 3
Commando Droid - HP 2000 1
Battle Droid - 1500 4

Passive, HP, Amount: 


Jedi EC health will depend on how many Jedi are on and what the ranks are 

Republic's Execution: in the doc linked above 

Event Character Execution: in the doc linked above 


Event Information: in doc linked above 

Have you ever Done an Event Before?: no

What was your event and was it successfully executed?: N/A

Do you understand the responsibilities a event-planner has? If so, what are they?:

The responsibilities for a event planner is to create fun and engaging events for the community to enjoy. The event planner should create balanced and fair events so that both sides can enjoy the event. they are also in charge of  help with claims if no staff members are online or are unavailable to help 

Do you understand at the beginning of passing the application stage, you will have to undergo a training phase until completely trusted to create and host events?: yes

Anything else?:

W-G E-Planner

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Soljay is a creative and quick thinking person always coming up with ideas and thinking of ways of including everyone i know this from my time in the 104th with him. He never seems to be at a loss when it comes to quick thinking. he is constantly active and even when burned out I haven't seen him stop or take a LOA unless he has no control over the matter in my opinion Soljay is a perfect fit for EP and wont let anyone down.




104th LT COL Kona
Jedi Padawan Kona

Previous Ranks

Shock Trooper (IRP)

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The event plan looks detailed and well written but the one thing i can say is any time we ever go to vanqor its the same and with this app its the same as any old vanqor event i do see the creativity but there is a point where its 1 objective in the event then uts just running and shooting from there.

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soljay defiantly going to be dedicated  ep and we can see that he will work to his full potential like what i have seen in jedi, id love to see more of the events that he can make. 

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Soljay, as I know, is one of the best options for EP, he has played the server for a while  and I always see him active on Jedi and clone, he has no warns or bans and his idea for the event is creative, even though the map limits him, he's been able to create an event that includes many of regiments and I would like to play both of them and also see more from him event wise.

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Event is detailed and actually pretty interesting. 

Soljay is a highly active member of 104th.

Second application, seems to show he actually wants EP.

I don't know him that well so I can't say much about how or who he is.

Best of luck! 

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CT ####

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CWRP 41st Temp ARC Major 

CWRP Jedi Operator 

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WW2RP Kompanie Caesar Gefreiter and Pionier

CWRP Event Planner

CWRP  Senior Mod



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This is a nice event plan. Its simple but effective. The jedi plan has a really nice story to start off. You are both a Clone COL and a Jedi Knight meaning you have played a lot of events on both sides so will understand what makes a good and bad event. Your EC's seem balanced with a nice amount of HP. You are also very active in 104th from what i hear. I think you would make a creative EP which is always good. Plus this is your second app which shows your dedication to EP.

I cannot comment on you as a person as i dont know you very well. (this is my fault as i dont leave my own channel)

I have very little issues, none are major, with the event plan, however, one of them is that the jedi event, whilst it has a cool story, it turns into another "Sith Kill Jedi". Maybe add a small amount of passive other than the mocking and leading to the caves to really add to the story. Finally, possibly showing a dupe would have been the cherry on top for this event plan.


Best of luck Soljay, 


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Jedi event start is quite good but would like to have couple of options in the end for the SITH (like escape using stolen ship placed by EP)

Event is decent 

Passive RP is implemented in the event which is great to see

very active player amongst 104th


Would be great if there was a dupe in order for higher chance of passing and creativity 

Event is quite basic, especially without Dupe, so i would recommend working on it

Final answer:  +1/Neutral

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Honestly it is a very nice event and application. Though not perfect, the clone and Jedi side have good passive RP and give a clear reason on why they are there and also what they need to do. Along with this I like how a different map is being used, something that isnt usual to see.

A large issue with the event is the idea. Its very basic, but could easily be fixed with a dupe, howevere that leads to another issue. Vanqur is a really bad map with so many props, leading to bad lag or crashes, so its kind of shooting yourself in the foot.

Best wishes,


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Very Active Dedicated since its his 2nd one the Application looks time Taking which is good and just in Genral Hes and Nice guy and if he would be a EP im sure hes event will do great!

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-Highly active

-Liked with 104th


-Little experience in Jedi (From what i know)


-The Jedi event is clearly an afterthought, which worries me, the story behind it really changes nothing - with the way it was setup, there can be no negotiations, etc, which is what half of the Jedi specialise in, and i know lots of Jedi very much enjoy it.

-The Event is, as previously said, basic, and all Vanquor events are the same in the end - that's just the nature of the map.

-I've seen a few people say that they can't comment on you as a person, and the only people that have are 104th; i believe you need to connect with the rest of the server beforehand, as the EP needs to cater to all of the server.


That, however, is just my opinion, and i wish you the best of luck!

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Congratulations! Event Management have decided to accept your application. Poke or Message me on TS/Discord when you are ready for the Interview!

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