OwnZar's 2nd Event Planner Application

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Basic Information:

Steam Name + Profile link: OwnZar + https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198249771994/

Roleplay Name: CT Jr Medic LT Col OwnZar

Teamspeak Name: CT OwnZar

Playtime on the Server: 3 Weeks, 6 days, 15hs, 56 minutes

SteamID (http://steamidfinder.com/): STEAM_0:0:144753133

Any experience in staffing on a roleplay server: Yes, mainly on Minecraft servers and briefly on a Dark RP server before it was closed down. Plus a week and a half as Trial EP here on Werwolf CW.

Current Age: 21 years

Warns/Bans: None

Do you have a working microphone and is it understandable?: Yes

Event Plan:

-Event's First Phase-
After the brief the Event will kick in, with the clones marching out through the main door as per usual, out to the exterior which will be defended by a group of scavengers surrounding a mysterious box.

The scavengers will have mediocre HP and weaponry to be dealt with fairly quickly and simply.
Upon their deaths 212th will be ordered to examine the box in case it's some kind of bomb.
Further more, the way forward will be blocked by a barricade made out of rubble, preventing any further advancement for the time being.

Upon examination of the box an orbital strike will go off exactly where the box previously was, making the clones retreat from the surrounding area, giving an appearance to the main act of this Event.

-Event's Second Phase-

After the commotion of the explosion has ended, the clones will raise their heads to find a giant robot where the box was previously located.
It is expected that the clones wil not shoot the robot immediately, giving time for players to re-spawn and others to heal up, while also allowing the Robot to get a good understanding of their surroundings.
After a bit of time CE will be tasked with attempting to hack the droid, which will always fail, turning him hostile and beginning the Boss Battle.

However, if the clones shoot the Robot immediately, the event will continue as normal, beginning the Boss Battle.

The Robot Boss will be player-controlled, and it will have up to 200k HP that will have to be taken down by the Clones as the battle rages on.
In this specific section of the battlefield, cutted off by a rubble barricade as previously stated, the clones will only have some barricades used previously by the Scavengers to defend themselves aganist the Boss, no Last Stand.

Once the Robot has lost 50k HP minimum it will retreat over the barricade and 212th will be ordered to blow it up to continue.

-Event's Third Phase-

After the first Barricade's destruction the clones will move to the next area, which will be defended once again by scavengers with a bit more of HP and better weaponry than before, but still not a major threat.
The scavengers will have some turrets and more barricades deployed in the area that the Clones can freely use once the scavengers have been dealt with, after which the Boss will apear again with the HP it previously had.

In this Phase the Robot will have better weaponry than before and, if possible, better movement speed.
Same as before, Clones will have to lower the Robot's HP until it looses 50k HP, in which point it will retreat once again over a rubble barricade, to the inside of the temple where te last phase will occur.

-Event's Fourth Phase-

212th will be ordered once again to clear up the barricade with explosives, and after that's done the army will move forward towards the Temple entrance, which will be defended by the last group of Scavengers with a substantial ammount of HP, decent weaponry and one single tank, alongside machinegun bunkers that will require the use of flamethrowers to be destroyed.

After they have ben dealt with the clones will go into the cave to come out to the small area where they will have to, once again, fight the Robot.
This is a very small and condensed area, which is why the Robot will, once again, retreat after loosing 10k HP at max.

The clones will have to use the Temple defences, rebuild them or build new ones of their own in a minute, after that the Robot will spawn in front of the Temple entrance with 100kHP, plus even more weaponry.
This will be the final battle and everything, except AT-TEs and flying vehicles, will be authorised.

Once the Robot has been defeated it will begin an auto-destroy sequence and the Clones will have 1 minte to either hide inside the caves or reach the spawn in-doors area.
After the minute has passed a series of orbital bombardments will stat all around the transit areas to give the impression of a nuclear bomb going off.

Afterwards Defcon 4 will be declared and 212th will have to salvage whatever they can from the Robot's corpse, in this case the same box from the beginning.
They will load it into a CT APC and go back to base.

Defriefing will ensue and the event will be officially concluded, map change happens afterwards, map deppending of the time of the day.

-Jedi Event side-

The Jedi will be in a separate location, an abandoned base inside of the mountain, facing the Fallen Jedi that woke up the Giant Robot.



The map chosen for this event is Rhen Var.

- Light - Heavy armed Scavengers
-  Giant Robot
-  Fallen Jedi

- 1st Phase Scavs: 500 HP
- 2nd Phase Scavs: 1000 HP
- 3rd Phase Scavs: 1500 HP
- Giant Robot: 200k HP, although it will retreat twice after loosing 50k HP each time
- Fallen Jedi: 150k HP

- 1st Phase Scavs: 4-7 (depending on the ammount of EC volunteers)
- 2nd Phase Scavs: 4-7 (depending on the ammount of EC volunteers)
- 3rd Phase Scavs: 4-7 (depending on the ammount of EC volunteers)
- Giant Robot: 1
- Fallen Jedi: 1

>Republic Execution:
-After briefing the Republic forces will exit the main base to comfront a group of lightly armoured scavengers and secure the box they were guarding.
After the box blows up the troops will have to attempt to hack the Robot (and fail) or to immedietly attack it, both choices having the same outcome.

-Republic forces will fight the Robot and weaken it until it retreats.
They will clear the barricade afterwards and engage a group of medium armoured scavengers, then secure the barricades and turrets they had to then fight the Robot again for a second time.

-After weakening the Robot and forcing it to retreat again, 212th will clear the last barricade and engage the last group of Scavengers, a heavily armoured one.
They will then advance into the temple and slightly damage the Robot, forcing it to flee again.
They will have to mount a deffensive perimeter where the scavengers previouly were, as the final battle against the Robot will commence after one minute of preparation, in which all equipment, except AT-TEs and flying vehicles, will be allowed for use

-After defeating the Robot 212th will scvenge whatever they can from the Robot's body after the orbital bombardment has concluded, loading the equipment in a CT APC and returning to base for debriefing.
The Republic Execution is over.

In the case that no 212th and/or CE members are present, RC is to take over their tasks, such as hacking the Robot or blowing up the barricades.

>Event Characters Execution:
-Scavenger ECs will defend one area at a time while getting new and better equipment after each loss.
They will not respawn after each death and will have to wait until a new defense area is oppened.
After dying for a third time their role is no longer neccesary and they will be allowed to go back to Clone Jobs if they so desire.

It is important to very clearly explain to the ECs that they will not see a lot of action other than 3 areas where they're just an small bite for the Clones to roll over, so they don't get surprissed if they join anyway.

-The Robot will be required to be very watchful of his HP, for when he looses 50k HP he mus retrear using a jumping technice we will teach it previously to the event start.
It's job is easy: Kill as many clones as possible and retreat when ordered by the EP.
It will get more weaponry after each encounter and will start a map-sized orbital bombardment one minute after he dies.

His HP will be lowered or raised after each encounter depending of the time left for the Event to finish and on how quickly Clones lower it.

Ex: If it takes ages for the Clones to lower his 50k, the next time he will retreat after loosing 30k and his max-HP will be recuded on the run,

>Event Information: 
The reason for the Republic to be here is to investigate rumours about a super-weapon in the planet, that weapon is obyously the Box they have to acquire.

>Have you ever done an event before?:
Yes, although suppervised.

>What was your event and was it succesfully executed?
My events were a Last Stand, a base Take-over, several Base Defences and a some PMEs.
I did several events, and while they overall were sucesfully executed they had flaws and issues when executed that I tried to correct after each event, trying to never commit the same error twice.
I am positive that people liked them, as I was personally approached by ECs and Clones alike saying they really liked them, saving some errors like weapons being too powerful or HP being too high.
But again, this errors were not commited twice.

>Do you understand the responsabilities an Event-Planner has? If so, what are they?
Yes I do.
The responsabilities of an EP are to create and execute Events on the server to entertain the playerbase in a fun, fair but challenging way. 
EPs also act as low ranking Staff that can take issues like kicks, muting and bans if no other staff members are present.

>Do you understand at the beginning of passing the application stage, you will have to undergo a training phase until completely trusted to create and host events?
Yes, of course.

>Anything else?
W-G E-Planner


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From your last time as an EP you were very creative but your events didnt come to life as 1. your forced regiments Example CE you made them stay at the RO to do something pointless 2. you didnt know what you were doing half the time from what i got told and 3. i appreciate you trying again but i think ep is not for you as this event plan just as the last is basicly forcing regiments to stick to a place the entire event.


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Half was a Better Trial EP

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Great CT that understands what needs to be done and will do it.

From previous trial his events from what ive played and the feedback from CTs was amazing had plenty of feedback from CT ETs saying they loved the senator He He He Ha events in perticular 

got Creative and new ideas which i haven't really seen before

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You are a creative enough guy to be EP but you are just not good enough at doing the event it self. We have seen this at some of the bad feedback you got. I believe you can improve on that but there needs to be more time in between.

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-1, from skimming over a bit and reading the other replies I can tell that you have very creative ideas for clone, but the jedi event looks like the average stab and be done in 3 minutes event. And seeing as how you wouldn't start off as an executive event planner (I am so hilarious) it wouldn't make the cut to have Jedi just sit there and be bored as clones shoot some giant robot. It's the EPs job to make sure both Jedi and Clones enjoy their event.

On top of that the event heavily relies on the clones doing what the EP expects them to. which is very idealistic and as such not going to happen.

(also how the fuck do you complain about events and do that to jedi what)

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guys he did order 66 trailer give him the ep slot guys!!!

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Application is very detailed.

Has been trial EP before, although it didn't go well I believe people should be given at least a second chance. 

He has shown competency enough to be accepted in the past.

Jedi event isn't very creative. 

Best of luck OwnZar!


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The Clone event looks very unique. You have the creativity for EP.

However, your previous time in EP didn't go so well, yes i believe in second chances, but i don't think it has been long enough just yet. This event looks very difficult to reach the 35 Minute time for an event. I believe something that assisted you in getting EP last time was the Order 66 Trailer, however this time you don't have that to support you as much.  Jedi event seems as boite said "stabby stab" and over in a few minutes. 

On 5/24/2022 at 4:23 PM, OwnZar said:

They will not respawn after each death and will have to wait until a new defense area is oppened.

Event also seems really boring for the EC's having to wait for so little reward. 

Best of luck Ownzar,



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The idea of clone event is actually pretty good and very creative with the boss battle

In my opinion you can be very creative and have different types of event, but sometimes you can go over the line



Jedi Event has lack of details or any details about the story.

I dont really like the idea of waiting each time for EC's as that can get boring

If its a rhen var event, make a dupe of second floor on top of the sky box or last stand, due to how small the map is it would be impossible for 35 minute event 


Last time your EP trial was quite disappointing but i hope you understood your own errors you did in events/responsibilities and improved from them


Final answer:  Neutral

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Ye no. Palmer's last event was better than any of your events and that is pretty hard to achieve. Standing 25mins in RO missing the whole event to then do nothing, ye no thank you pal, events were boring af

Enough is enough sorry, dont think EP is for you 

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Creativity is fine, but executing these ideas in the real world is the ONLY important thing. You have been EP before and though you had some good ideas, these ideas were never executed with any sort of care or skill and I am afraid this will happen again with this event idea. Along with this I dont think you have thought the event through. Rhen Var is a last stand map. Yes, dupes can make it longer, and better, but there is nothing like that I can see, along with this, it seems like a complete copy from what everyone else does, bar the last stand, meaning you wont hit 35 minutes.


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Unfortunately Event Management have decided to deny your application. If you would like a reason DM Stack#2315 on Discord. 
You can reapply in 2 weeks if applications are open.

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