Additional HP for 442nd Jobs

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Since 501st have extra HP as a frontline unit, to me it makes sense If 442nd were to have boosted HP since we are almost always near the frontline and In situations like shield pushes we just get destroyed. This would be more concentrated at the lower ranking jobs like ET - CO since they don't tend to last too long during shield pushes. 

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212th are frontline why not give them extra, arc is frontline why not give them extra hp, ct is frontline why not give them extra, WHY NOT GIVE EXTRA HP TO EVERYONE

-1 not needed 501st get it cus their the MAIN Frontline regiment. You die a lot cus your shield pushes always are broken and not well done cusing you all to die

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Both of your points are correct but, I think your opinion could possibly change if you tried being in the shoes of 442nd ET's during events. Something that can also be considered is the fact that 501st's main thing for a while was extra HP which was needed but now they have shotguns at ET, from my perspective It feels a little unfair to have both.

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When your aim is to help push areas the 100 extra HP is a big help especially for ET's plus I don't think people take explosives into effect as you could have a row of 4 ET's all in a line then 1 EC shoots a rocket or throws a grenade which does a lot of dmg. then boom wall gone.

The points that both Aleks and Henk have already said + this was a thing for DU when it was still a thing before being changed to 442nd so I can understand the -1's

Ultimately both points are valid its just the way you look at it really. Toast 🙂 

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Maybe you need to teach ur Regiment how to stop being retarded with their shields, and using them when they are not meant to which gets them killed 24/7 that will fix one of the issues. Now about hp, you dont really need it, you got a shield to compensate it and just so you are aware the 501st ETs shotgun is complete ass

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Yes you are right. Fairly soon we are going to put a lot more effort into teaching new and existing players about how to use the shields correctly for certain scenarios and hopefully that gets rid of the need for extra HP. Once this gets implemented I guess we can see whether we need the extra HP or not. I still stand by my point though and not only could it help the regiment in events but also It could be something that entices players into joining the regiment because of the extra health.

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Bulletproof shield should be enough. Just do more training on how to correctly put the shield to good use. 

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skill issue
never had too many issues with shields when i was in 442nd only when people wouldnt line up properly to do a shield push

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No, just no.





Credit to Loki for this.



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