Unfair Warn Appeal

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Your in game name:   GM ARC Colonel camo

The accused staff member's in game name, Steam profile link or Steam ID:   GM Vice Commander Jezis  STEAM_0:0:28120284


What they had done (Please give a detailed description as to what happened):  I am a scav with another scav (both disguised) holding a long tunnel corridor and the republic was alerted we were down there so to my knowledge the clones then coming down the tunnel proposed a threat to my life so I shot as they were both running at us with weapons out. Clearly a threat to my life as a scav so I shoot. I know the rules of being a scav and that you cannot shoot a clone unless you feel a threatened etc 1.1.2 Criminal jobs are allowed to fire upon republic personnel when in threat by them.  When you have a GM VC and another clone running down a corridor at you with weapons out already and you are a scav and believe they are after you you would defo assume you are at threat. I have spoken to other staff and when a clone has a weapon out and you feel threatened as a Scav you can open fire. 




Evidence (This is not required, however, if you don't have any evidence you ARE required to come on TeamSpeak and explain what happened on there with the accused staff member present. Evidence can be videos, recordings or screenshots):  Didn't get a clip annoyingly wish I had as to my absolute knowledge at the time they were coming down the tunnel to kill me or at least try. I wouldn't shoot if I didn't think so. Been a scav numerous times and not been warned for anything.

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I am not gonna write something new, so sorry who already saw this message.

Everything should be on the video, its not cut or anything so you can also see me arguing with camo and sandy (you cant hear me as it does not register my voice) But why do I think its RDM, they called for help and then started shooting when we did not even see them, nor were we there to arrest or shoot either of them (atleast till we got shot).

I believe these 2 rules should apply:
1.1.2 Criminal jobs are allowed to fire upon republic personnel when in threat by them.
4.1.2 You are allowed to start shooting republic personnel once they have started to pursue you.

I did not even pursue you as did not even know you are in there, all I got was "HELP TUNNEL".

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I didn't call for help I ran into the tunnel after Sandy we didn't come across each other until that tunnel. I wasn't aware what he said in republic comms as I said I didn't have them to see them. As far as I am aware to my knowledge you may have seen me enter the tunnel or been following me. We only teamed literally as I got to the barricade as I assumed you were onto me or him or both. 

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Im gonna be completely honest, I think both of you are in the right. Yes you may say that you feel threatened with having them both run down the tunnel if their guns out but there is also the fact that they didnt know you were there so they werent really after you, they only responded to the help signal the other scav gave.
In my eyes its a bit of a retarded situation but now its up to SMT to decide what to do

Good luck

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+1 When camo was a scav it was me and him teamed up together and we did not know at the time that sandy was also a scav but by that point in the clip i had already escaped and i was the only one at that time to have republic comms because when we attempted to get some for camo i was spotted and chased out, So he wouldn't have been able to see what sandy said. But onto the RDM, when you and another clone run to people with a weapon out not on safety which from their perspective would've looked hostile so he done what he was allowed to do and opened fired on a target putting him under threat. 

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I agree with what Wanted said that both individuals are both indeed correct and Jezis didn't see you. Only reason I am not neutral is because if both individuals were correct (a stalemate if you will) then I believe by default the warn should be removed. 

Good luck. 

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already stated

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I can agree in some ways that both are correct.

But when you see the clip by Jezis they are running in where you and Sandy are sitting behind the barricade and you are holding the tunnel angel behind cover with the NT-242 Longblaster. This shows for me you knew they where coming. Also in the clip you can see Jezis and the CG respond to the distress call in republic chat, the CG was standing outside the tunnel entrence and you can also see him run up to the entrence, this shows you can't have been chased by the CG, it takes to long time to open the door, close it and run all the way back in the tunnel without not being chased by the CG. So in my eyes you wasn't the suspect being chased, it was the distress call which made the CG and GM VC to run into the tunnel. I would say you wasn't under threat because you could easily escape the tunnel but you decided to hold the tunnel with the sniper. 

18 hours ago, camo432 said:

I am a scav with another scav (both disguised) holding a long tunnel corridor

As you state in your report, you were holding the tunnel, so you must have known that someone was coming, you don't just hold the tunnel and wait until someone enter by misstake. In my eyes it looks like Sandy must have told you he reported it in to comms, because Sandy did it for the reason of someone entering the tunnel, and you stayed to help him out. Basically you both baited clones in there to either kill them or kidnapp them. I can't see where you was being threatened or chased by them. 

In conclusion I would say the warn is fair. But the whole incident is hard and without your perspective with a video of it I can't see what happend before you was in the tunnel. 

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From the video and what Camo has said. I have to say I don't feel the warn can be kept. As a scav who is being looked for how can anyone make an 100% argument that Camo wasnt threatened? 

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Already spoke to you in teamspeak about the warn removal.





Credit to Loki for this.



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