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Bob Curtis SD management application

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In-Game Name: Bob Curtis
Steam ID: 
Forum Name: Bob The Bo

What is the role/task of a Site Director in your own words?

The role of the SD is manage the day to day running of the site and see to it that the SCP foundations interests are preserved. They are in overall command of the site and as such have the responsibility to ensure the site is run effectively. They are also to be able to assist commanders and departmental heads with co operation and security.

Past experience in leadership positions?
I have a lot of experience in leadership positions on the server, such as when I was a member of the O5 council. I also was an active player of head of security which I regularly played and enjoyed managing the guards. My most prominent role of leadership however, I would say is when I played as Mayor of Oviscity and lead the OCPD. This I found to be the most enjoyable as I had a large degree of autonomy and control over the police and the city.

Rate your RP Skills on a scale of 1-10: 8

Rate your communication skills from 1-10: 9

What do you expect to do while being apart of management if you are accepted?

I would expect to be managing spreadsheets, looking over new applicants, giving advice to junior trainees and ensuring that the players with the SD whitelist are fit for the job.

What additional information would you like to share? 
I think I would be a good pick for this position and hope my previous leadership examples help my case

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He might actually have some severe brain damage. This guy's ability to seriously impress me with his lack of intelligence and short temper just add fuel to the fire. He barely was able to maintain his inofficial RP group as a Mayor. One look at his past posts on the Forum tells all you need to know about this aspergers patient. App's also way too short.

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I have high doubts in your ability to manage and lead the most influential Foundation job on the server.
You have barely have any experience in any management position, but yet we are to believe that you would be perfect fit for this role?

I feel like SD Management requires someone who is trustworthy and has past management experience on the server.
You also have a track record of leading PMEs while playing Mayor. You have also been banned for it multiple times if I recall correctly.

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23 hours ago, Borat Koslowski said:

He barely was able to maintain his inofficial RP group as a Mayor. One look at his past posts on the Forum tells all you need to know about this aspergers patient.

stay mad

+1 bob curtis dont listen to these discord roleplaying cucks, you are my fav candidate and i hope you get accepted x

i have overdosed 4 times since being banned from scp rp

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Why everyone hatin on bob curtis? He's  the best site director of the surface

Scprp is bad, run while you can!!
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so many idiots here trying to accuse my friend Bobby of being an untrustworthy minge despite the fact that most of them have displayed way worse attitudes before in comparison. And some of you have even been banned for childish shit such as doxxing, posting gore, porn, etc. 

without Bob Curtis, the PD and surface would have been an incredibly boring part of the server. Barely any one would choose to play PD jobs unless Bobby was on it. He made it fun, there's no denying that.

even dylan thomas knew that, you cunts


😂 imagine bothering to make a list of your very cool ranks 😂

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