Archer's Third Battalion Applications

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Out of Character Section -

Steam Name: Ellis4149

Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:431238619

Current rank on the server: CE PFT  Colonel

Age: 14

What is your playtime: (1 Week - Minimum) 11w 4d

Do you have a microphone, is it good quality : Yeah, Does work and Sometimes fails

Have you read and looked through the Battalion Handbook: Affirmitve

Do you meet the requirements: Yeah (

Quick summary about you: (70 Words - Minimum) Im a Rescourefull guy, Striding for Perfection and Efficienticy. I know my Reputation on the Server isnt the Best due to my Bad Past. I work at my School as one of the Top Computer Technicians [ Yet i can never fix my Mic ] . I've Had my Ups and Downs in life and aswell Some Over-realisitic Goals i cant do, But During the Last 3/4 Months on the Server i've learnt many new things other people wont tell me 

In Character Section -

In-Game name: Combat Engineers- Colonel, Jedi - Junior Guardian

Highest rank obtained: CE Temp EXO

What current rank do you have:  Colonel

What is your current regiment: Combat Engineers

What should we pick you for Battalion: (200 Words - Minimum) I believe you should pick me to be in battalion due to my Loving, and Calm karisma as well as my Hustle towards Better and Brighter Goals. I believe I will be a successful candidate for this mission due to my Recent Achievements and Activity. Since joining the SWRP Community I've always wanted to join battalion, Sadly I took Jedi for most of it. I've came into CE looking at a Fun way to rank up to Major where I could apply for Battalion, When Seeing C-wright became battalion and left kind of turned me away but Seeing Rogue with his Funny Mustache I regained the effort to Re-write my Application, I know my Rep in the Past is not the Best but I'm trying to restructure it, First by Starting in Battalion, If I do get battalion I will try to Rank up as Well  Helping Others complete their Goals. I will try to always strive to Compelete my Minmums and go to the Meetings unless a reasonable Circumstance Arise. If I do get Granted I will Feel more resepected in the Community as well . I will be a Active, respectable  Member of the Battalion and the Community 

Describe the roles and responsibilities of Battalion: (100 Words - Minimum) Battalions Jobs is to Assist in Regimental Trainings witch Include NC0 C0 and S0 Trainings aswell as Normal Regimental Trainings [ETC: FT for CE or Manhunts for CG]. Battalion also do Open Trainings to Assist in Clones Learning New and Verbiable Tactics in Combat or Learning New Metherds . In Events Battalion not Doing the Main Leading can Assist their Regiment [Not Leading Their Regiment Completley] .
As well Battalion who Lead the Event will have Access to the Voice Amplificer [BO+] To witch they can Order there troops to Defend the Base from Attack or Attacking Enemy Outposts [BO+ Must use the Red settings on the Voice Ampliffeier] Battalion at the Start of a Base Attack must head to Battalion Bunks and Equip there Armour. cc

Have you ever been demoted, banned or kicked: (If so, explain why) I've never Been demoted to say but i did resign from Jedi, I've never Been Banned, Only been kicked for Being afk

Do you understand that Battalion is a very respectable and disciplined rank: Affirmitvive, I know if i Mess around as Battalion i will Be Kick from Battalion

What do Battalion do during Combat, when they are not leading? Battalion when Not Leading Will assist their Regiment holding their Battle Positions with Them using their Chosen Weapons [2 per Life], They can also Push out and help other regimentS attack the enemy [but dont expect to Not me Shot, Battalion are Normaly Targeted] . Battalion arnt Allowed to Order there Regiment everywhere but can Suggest ideas

What are the 3 duties a Battalion Officer Cadet has to complete before getting promoted as part of his mentoring session? A battalion Officer Cadet starts with a Training witch Includes Face, Formations and Questions [Getting Tips from his Mentor on how to Improve] . The Battalion Officer Cadet must then Lead a Event [From Advert due to Voice Amp being for Battalion Officer+] Getting Tips from His Mentor on what Regiments should be doing. Thirdly a Battalion officer Cadet must Complete a Debreif on the Event that Happened. Then if Battalion Command Thinks that the BOC has done good and will Promote them to BO where they get Three More Tasks that are, 1. Host a Simulation Trainings, 2. A open Sim, and Thirdly Leading a Planetary with There Voice Amp [Getting Tips From Mentor]

What is the job of the Co-Leader during events? The Job of a C0 Leader is to Help the Leader in Decisions aswell ready to assist the Leader if He crashes or Has to Go so the Event can Coutine without Hinderuence. 

Anything else:  SWRP, 

                                                               Current Ranks                                       

  • IE Captain
  • IRP Junior Dev
  • IRP Event Planner

                                                               Previous Ranks 

  • Imperial Head Medical Officer
  • Pyke Syndicate Elder
  • T-RP Administrator
  • CE Colonel
  • Jedi Guardian/Consular
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I would love to see you lead events and do all that good stuff, I think you would do an amazing job. However, your maturity sometimes may be questionable, it has improved since you first started on the server but I believe it still could be better.
Also your mic quality is sometimes questionable.
I think you are one of if not the best candidate for battalion, however I am not sure if you are ready for the giant step up.
Good luck.

former ct 2245 bong

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Has matured, evidently keen to get battalion, and overall great guy.

Good Luck.

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Neutral / +1

Clearly keen to be Battalion and has become more mature over time. But I can barely even understand what you are saying sometimes because of your mic so i'm sure that would impact leading. But overall a good app.


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He has been very keen to become part of Battalion for a very long time.

He has shown he can be responsible as he has made it to Colonel in CE.

He has a good relationship with a few regiments and can also lead very well.

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From what I hear and see on this thread, he seems to be mature. He is also a high rank and has been for a while. Additionally, I have not heard anything bad about him. I would say he is a good candidate!

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𝘋𝘜 𝘊𝘰𝘮𝘮𝘢𝘯𝘥𝘦𝘳 - 26/07/20 - 03/05/21


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spends plenty of time in 501st chat so ive spoke to him plenty, nice lad and seems like he could handle the responsibility well, good luck man!


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Netural / +1

what bongo said but it seems he might be ready

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Mic is sometimes hard to hear unless I am deaf idk but it can be a little difficult sometimes.

Has improved quite a lot.

Basically what Bongo said. Nothing bad to really say as you have improved a crazy amount however alot of good candidates exist



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Reasons states above


However idk whether I’m miss-interpreting this but you said battalion can choose 2 weapons per life which is not true. Battalion Commander+ can pick 2 equipment.



but i said this on your last application, Please Stop Typing Like This It Is Annoying Me :<

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Happy NewsI've ordered a Better mic that should stop the weird sounds , So that's Nice to hear



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+1 Matured a lot from when he was first on the server and I know he really wants it. Archer used to be real pain in the arse when he first joined CE but I believe Zeus and Toon gave him his telling off and he’s been near perfect since. He’s a good lad with a lot of potential and I can see him succeeding if given the opportunity.

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+1 Good app. Competent. Actually has a good mic now!!!

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For starters, you are very young. This can carry the weight of immaturity and naive decision making. Also, a lot of people are really not going to appreciate having a 14 year old shout orders at them down voiceamp. Clearly these are all out of your control but are still factors to take into account. You also mention being a "perfectionist" but the spelling, capital letters and grammar say otherwise for me. Like why do you replace O's for 0's randomly?! And you do fill in the word limit with a lot of fluff to make the app seem more impressive than it is.

However you have now been here for a long time and I am sure you have some decent leading experience from CE and have already shown incredible improvements in your behaviour since you first joined the server. I don't know when you joined the server but 11w+ just since early this year is very clear evidence you are active. I don't see why you shouldn't get a chance at least to see how you survive in Battalion.


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Very happy to see another application from you. Honestly with 3 applications we can only hope you get it. You are committed to getting this, shown by the amount of applications you have made. It also shows by reaching CE Colonel. I would also say you are very trust worthy by being CE temp EXO on I believe more than a few occasions.

Only thing I would say is work with a backline regiment to understand what they do in combat. You have worked with 501st and other frontlines before so well done for taking the initiative to do so. You are young, and as Kids said, it can lead to being slightly immature but I wouldn't worry to much. Many successful battalion in the past have been young. An example would be Grabs.

Overall I hope you get it this time and if not, keep your head up. You are doing well and keep going

Good luck


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