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Name: Marcus

What country are you from?: Norway

How well do you speak and understand English?: I can almost speak English that is understandable I am somewhat good in English I would say as on a daily basis people understand what I say 

SteamID: STEAM_0:0:28277999

In-Game name(s): Harry Beetles

Age: 16

Play Time. Must be at least 3 days. No exceptions(SCP-RP): 1 year but I have been off for some months since my PC went dead but I am back I have atleast been active over 9 months I can confirm it says 5 days it must have reset, Pretty much I am on pretty much every day since I have nothing to do.

Are you a VIP/GoldVIP?: Gold VIP

Do you have a microphone?: Yes I do have the good functioning microphone people can hear me with 

Do you have TeamSpeak ( Required)?: Yes I do indeed have teamspeak on my PC I have basic knowledge on how to use teamspeak on my pc

Why should we pick you? (250 word minimum): want to be staff on the SCPRP server because I've really enjoyed being on staff multiple times before, I really enjoyed the experience and helping out the server enforces the rules and keeping the community all happy and friendly and respectable, but I also want to be staff on specifically SCPRP Server because it's a server I really enjoy playing and really like being a part of the community. I would love to be able to have the satisfaction of being able to help out in the community, meet new people like the rest of the staff team, meet new people and players when helping them out with something [if I get the rank] and hopefully to be an impact to peoples playing experience in a good way. I also want to be staff because I've been on at some times where there is no staff online or they're AFK, and since I'm awake for a long period of time and on the server when it's less populated and most staff are asleep or busy doing other stuff I could be on the server helping out and doing the deed for them, and cleaning the server up from all the rule breaking and etc going on at the time, which would also make the playing experience a lot better for the players at the time when there is no staff online or no staff available. Not only that, I would also love to be on the staff team for many other reasons like normal things like, because it's a well-made server, it has a fairly mature and non-mingy community, it's a very active and sociable server, all the people I meet on here are very friendly and very respectful and not disrespectful, it's just all around a very impressive and well looked after server and it would be a big deal to be a possible presenter of the server and help out in any way shape or form which is possible being a Staff position or a Default Position. I want to be a staff position to also possibly bring happy and funny vibes to the staff team and have my personality possibly help with maybe a mood which one of the staff/players is having and being a positive vibe throughout the server and giving other people a positive feeling. I want the position because I feel like I could also bring a mature and respectful and fairly experienced player to the staff team and could help out in multiple ways and be a real use around and really do the right thing, plus I know some staff can be biased, and etc [not on this server] but I could also bring that, I know it's not much but a non-bias staff is really useful. Some staff could favorite a person in a sit letting them get away with things they shouldn't be or not giving them the correct punishment and lowering it or something along the lines, and I feel like I could take the opposite of that role and have a fair and balanced actions, whether it is banning my closest friend for something serious they did, it would happen, but possibly some other staff would try and not get them banned or get them a less harsh punishment which would be unfair and not a good thing as other players wouldn't get the same towards them and could cause outbreaks or toxicity. I personally also feel like I can handle things quite well, for example if people are arguing and it gets out of hand or if people are doing something else along the lines of it, I feel like I could really assist them and sort it out between them coming to a final agreement and solving the issue between them and making both sides of the argument happy with the final outcome, and not making anymore conflict occurs. I can't really think of much to say but, in the finale it would just have positive feelings and outcomes knowing that I'm apart of something and I'm actually doing something to help out and assist with the people in it, and being an Idol or possibly someone people look up to, when following the rules of not knowing how to act with people or act in certain situations.

How long will you be able to play per day?: 3- 6 hours since I don't normally do much after school so I have alot of time I can use Staffing on the SCPRP server

Any experience as staff?: I have experience as a Senior Mod for Icefuse I learn a lot about how to do make the right choices and what to do in certain situations I got demoted for inactivity since I could not find the discord server and tell them what happened. I was also Super Admin For VortexRP which had a lot of people on it until it sadly shut down. I don't know the reason owner dissapeared

Any previous warns/bans? If so why? (maximum of 15 warns, exceptions can be made.): 3 [LTAP I lagged out in a sit and staff would not listen] [RDM] [Failrp]

Do you know the basic ULX commands Yes/No: Yes I have at least basic knowledge with the ULX commands I know how to use the from previous staff experience 

Do you know what SCP-RP is about? (not just job descriptions): SCP-RP is a serious roleplay On the SCP Foundation the majority of works consist of "special containment procedures": structured internal documentation that describes an SCP object and the means of keeping it contained. The website also contains thousands of "Foundation Tales", short stories that take place within the SCP Foundation setting. The series has been praised for its ability to convey the horror through its scientific and academic writing style, as well as for its high standards of quality.

MTF Beta-7

responds to SCP breaches they work to stop the SCPs from exiting the foundation and being revealed to the people on the surface they use equipment that is specially made for some SCPs since some of them are too tough to be stopped by normal equipment they work also with other units to stop the SCPs they work with MTF E-11 Containment units to stop the SCPs In addition, Foundation containment engineers and technicians are called upon to devise, refine, and maintain containment units. 

Researcher, Junior Researcher, Senior Researcher, 

Researchers are the scientific branch of the Foundation, drawn from the ranks of the smartest and best-trained research scientists from around the world. They inspect the SCP's behavior and do tests on them to discover what abilities they have like what can they do for example go through walls like SCP-106

Security Officer

The security officer guards/patrols Light Containment Zone, Heavy Containment Zone they respond to emergencies such as Gate A being hacked and the arresting of AOS people they maintain control in Light Containment Zone  [D-Block] They guard the booth at the entrance of [D-Block] which can be used to control the doors to the [D-Block] they also secure Foundation information and security information about the facility they work together with Security LT And HoS [Head Of Security]


Response teams — or tactical teams — are highly trained and heavily armed combat teams tasked with responding to a mission where they have lost contact with major foundations they are also deployed in other catastrophic event such as hostile take overs of major facilities underground

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Thing is I feel like some of this may be copy paste because as I saw that you didn't capitalize the "I' in the sentences before why you should be accepted along with that the last part is copy paste because you left the text different I believe. But the thing is this is just an opinion so it will stay Neutral until I believe that my rating needs to be changed.

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-1 only reason being because
1) no idea what the play time is

2) never seen you before, not just time zones either. You either don't play the server much or don't make much of a difference to RP. You should try getting involved a bit more

3) there are 2 types of text in this: one is a normal sized font with iffy grammar, missing capitalisation etc. And there is a second which is much smaller and perfect grammar. Allow me to explain with a simple photo taken directly from this part of the SCP wiki, from this link http://www.scpwiki.com/security-clearance-levels


See some similarities? Yeah, I don't want to ruin your chances of becoming staff forever. The rest of the application is pretty much fine, and you have a low amount of warns. Apply again without the copy and paste, please?

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11 minutes ago, Nathan Dixon said:

like scroll up it is the 4th reply to this thread

Bruh where else could i get the info from bruh you are confusing 

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mk sure... you know, you can get the information from describing it in your own words rather than copying a whole page off a wiki and not even bothering to edit the formatting? apply again and improve grammar imo, but if this gets accepted i don't even know how

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Not gonna bother with the other subtopic here as it's based on opinions of thing I'm not commenting about. 

5 days playtime is good, but we like our "nonexistent" 1 week playtime requirement. 

Haven't really experienced you as bad or a negative influence 

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Jesus christ can people learn to not argue in threads? I mean discord exist.

-I have not seen you once. So I have no clue how you are ic and ooc. So I suggest you to be more well known within the community because right now I do not know how much of a minge you really are.
-App is average nothing much to say.



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