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What your suggestion is: 
1- Add a new Z-6 that can be used for 327th or just for the server in general
2- Add the first order"Star Wars: Atmospheric Assault Lander"

3- Add the AT-TE for 327th or to the server in general

Scriptfodder/workshop link:
1- New Z-6

2- The Assault Lander (Part of the star wars vehicles so it's easy to add)

3- The AT-TE (Part of the star wars vehicles so it's easy to add)
Any additional information:

1- The new Z-6 is actually good and i have tested it, only problem with it however is it's ammo and that it doesn't display the ammo in the hud so i am not sure if that can be changed by devs but it can be added for 327th 

2- the assault lander may not be as accurate in lore however we have an Imperial Dropship so why not add this ship which is also in the star wars vehicle section, it can carry troopes however giving that we have LAATs i see we use this for ECs or just give them to clones if needed, Another note is that the screen will be fucked for the pilot if he leaves the ship while it's not in a normal pose however the passengers won't have this trouble, If you press E you will be the pilot and if you press ALT+E you will be the passenger

3- the AT-TE is also in the star wars vehicle section, well it's an AT-TE so i suggest that we give it to 327th as if i am right they use it and it's one of their main vehicles and would be useful for us to finally have a vehicle, If not i ask for this to be added anyways as it can be helpful in many ways, If this is to be added to 327th i request making it maybe SO+ or EXO+ whatever really fits and if it is EXO+ I am sure arc will get to use it too

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This would help 327th a lot in lots of different ways for example 501st have there dropship to get close to the frontlines and we are stuck running to the frontlines so the assault lander would help and could be made EXO+ and ARC .The AT-TE could also be good it is in star wars vehicles so its easy to add and 327th i believe do use it in law. And the Z-6 that is suggested here is very good and would improve the current Z-6 by a lot . Overall even if 1-2 got added it would help the regiment a lot as you have most likely seen we are currently low on members

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Would bring more life to the regiment and would let us get to the frontline with more firepower. I feel like it would advance the regiment and make us standout more.

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just make a z6 from worms weapons that ship isnt from clone wars, we already have LAAT's so what is the point in adding this, for EC there is the freighter that can carry many people. no point. the AT TE does seem cool but i think we should wait for LFS, more likely than ever that it is going to be added at some point, since the AT TE will surely be added with LFS.


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Mainly Ethan's points. However I don't think the AT-TE would be a suitable choice for 327th as that specific regiment is for heavy weaponry, such as the T-21, Z-6 Rotary blaster etc, Instead I would prefer the AT-TE be moved to someone such as 212th as they already have the TX-130. I see no problem with the existing Z-6 and the transport is from the first order. It would probably just be better to wait for LFS to be added and then we can discuss which regiment can get what vehicles etc.

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These are not some great aaddons 
1 Z-7 on sever already which is optimised and looks better than that imo 
2 ship aint clone wars and is a shit version of a LAAT
3. AT-TE used to be used on sever but it was so slow and as such 212th never got perm to use, just wait for lfs

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what pie and ethan said

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-1 What Pie said. Also 327th will not get an AT-TE at all no matter what

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327th Are a Frontline Division,

So i dont think 327th should get a Special Vehicle like the AT-TE, And the Atmospheric Ship is First Order and theres already anoth ships, We dont want every Regiment Flying

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-1 on all 3 sadly

Already 2 variants of z6 minigun on the server

AT-TE is too slow to keep up with the course of an event, but I guess it can be used on rare occasions (kind of useless as there are LAATs)

The assault lander is too big to be used on most of the current maps


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Most of what I was going to say has already been said, with regards to the AT-TE if we eventually get around to doing LFS that will then be considered as the current Star Wars Vehicles AT-TE is god awful.

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