Camby's First EP App(READ!)

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Basic Information:


Steam Name + Profile link: Camby(STEAM_0:1:458438391),


Roleplay Name (e.g. GM TRP Johan) OS Commando F64 Camby/DU Temp Vice Commander Camby


Teamspeak Name: Camby


Playtime on the Server: 8 Weeks, 5 days and 15 hours.


SteamID ( STEAM_0:1:458438391


Any experience in staffing: I have some experience on a low pop SWRP server , so I understand basic ULX but I still have much to learn.


Current Age: 16.


Warns/Bans: None.


Do you have a working microphone and is it understandable?: Yes, and it works great with no issues.


Event Plan:


Map: rp_coruscantbelow


Enemies, HP, Amount:


Clone ECs


Bounty Hunter, Base HP, 8


Jedi ECs


Sith Warrior,  Base HP(I’m unaware of regular Jedi EC HP, will increase and lower where necessary), 1


Passive, HP, Amount: 


Underworld Spokesperson, 15000(fate will depend on republic), 1

Bounty Hunter Leader, 50000(not meant to die), 1

Civilian Spectator(Will be BH ECs and then switched to BH jobs later), 5000, 8

General [name], 100000, 1


Republic's Execution:


Clone Execution


Base Map Briefing

Batt will order a briefing in MHB where clones will be briefed on the mission that lies ahead. The leading Battalion member will explain that they are going to the Coruscant underworld to protect a Underworld Spokesperson who has relation to a member of High Command, the spokesperson will be speaking outside of a bar. And that the republic is to be very vigilant as the Spokesperson has received many death threats in recent history. The spokesperson is a stubborn, stoic type who refuses to cancel one of his largest events. The Batt will order the clones into the LAATs and the map will switch to rp_coruscantbelow.


Event Map Briefing

Clones will be briefed by leading Batt, all special eq will be granted except vehicles. Clones will then be ordered to the bar in an orderly fashion.


Phase 1

Once clones arrive at the bar and speaking point, they will set up perimeters around the spokesperson in order to protect them. DU and CG will be ready with shields by the spokesperson’s side in case of an attack, RC will be looking intimidating by his side and scaring off any potential attackers. 74th will be on standby, ready to heal clones and the spokesperson. Rest of the regiments will spread out and search for potential hostiles. However it is the leading Batt's choice on what needs to be done.


Phase 2

A bounty hunter leader will be perched up on a rooftop with a sniper. He will attempt to kill the spokesperson, the clones will have to spring into action, simultaneously protecting the spokesperson and engaging the would be assassin. The spokesperson will survive but be in a critical condition leading him to being unable to walk without a wheelchair or another mode of transport and is in need of multiple supplies of bacta due to a pre-existing condition, annoyingly, his personal bacta tank was destroyed during the attack. There are many bacta tanks scattered around the map for the clones to take him to to keep him alive and kicking. The clones will have to defend him and take him towards his shuttle near one of the hangar bays while fighting off waves of bounty hunters who are here to finish the job.


Phase 3

The clones will have to fight their way through the streets of Coruscant in order to find an escape ship. The republic should bring the spokesperson to one of two ships.


Ship 1

Located at train station LP

Ship 2

Located at storage and furnace LP

Depending on time one of two things will happen, if the event has run on for a good amount of time and should be ended, the spokesperson will be loaded onto the ship where they will be attended to by a medical droid and the republic will return to the bunks for debrief or map switch. If the event hasn’t been very long, then the ship will blow up as the spokesperson nears it(Warnings and clues about the ships detonation will be given in OC to give clones around the ship a chance to escape) and the republic will have to bring him to the second LP and ship, fighting through waves of enemies like before. Bacta tanks will be dotted around the map with minimal props at each site, one or two(medical droid and bacta tank), no specific locations of these tanks have been decided but dupes can be placed quickly with minimal effort.


Phase 4

The bounty hunters will have a last stand in the large hangar bay.

Where them and their leader will be killed off.


Jedi Execution

A Sith Warrior has appeared on Coruscant attempting to take out the spokesperson. The Jedi will be called and attempt to negotiate with the Assassin, negotiations will fall through and the Jedi will have to chase and kill the Warrior around Coruscant before he can escape off world. The Sith may hold valuable information about another dark side force user within the Jedi order, giving the jedi more of an incentive to negotiate for the knowledge he holds.


Event Character Execution:


Clone EC Execution

The bounty hunters will start off as Civilians in a crowd around the spokesperson as he gives his speech, they will remain civilized and act as if a civilian would until the spokesperson is shot where they will run around manically for their lives. They will attempt to break line of sight from the clones and Jedi where their job will be switched to bounty hunter and they will begin to attack the republic. Their ultimate goal is to kill the spokesperson but also fear for their own lives and safety as they are only in the job for the money. They will constantly attack the spokespersons convoy at key areas creating ambushes and traps to catch them off guard. They will be outfitted with the Dual Eglas on spawn and will be given the CIS shotgun and Repeating Blaster throughout as their base weapon is rather poor. They will simply fight until they die, respawn, continue fighting. They will not surrender until the end of the event where they will realise they have lost.


Jedi EC Execution

The Sith Warrior will be blending into the crowd of civilians waiting for the perfect time to strike the spokesperson, once the spokesperson is shot they will ignite their saber and attempt to finish the job however will back down due to the large number of clones protecting him. Once the Jedi are called he will fight the Jedi, after a few minutes of fighting he will realise he is outnumbered and  attempt to buy his freedom with the knowledge that there is a sith lord amongst the Jedi. When his demands are too high for the Jedi to offer he will engage and attempt to escape Coruscant, however he will soon die to a saber wound when the event nears the end.


Passive EC Execution



The civilians will simply be there for immersion purposes, they will not speak until the spokesperson has been shot and will then run for cover and safety, they will be switched to BH shortly after.


Bounty Hunter Leader

Played by EP, he will sit on a tall area and fire one or two shots at the spokesperson at the right time(Will use a laser from a rocket launcher to look like a sniper laser as a forewarning for clones). He will then escape and disappear until the end of the event where he will surrender and be executed.


General [name]

Played by EP, this will be the member of HC that the spokesperson is related to.

He will stand beside the leading battalion at both on base and event map briefings and potentially at the debrief.

Will only have one line of dialogue.

/advert [SC]I heard about the attack on the spokesperson, get him to a ship ASAP!


Underworld Spokesperson

They will give a small speech before being shot, they are a stoic type and will refuse protection from the clones until shit really hits the fan. They will comply with the orders of the highest ranking clone and will aim to keep themselves alive. Only a trusted person can be this EC. They will be outfitted with a DC-17 pistol.




Sith Warrior

They are an apprentice of a powerful Sith Lord within the Jedi order. They take the assassination job under the table and without the watchful eyes of their master in order to get some extra credits.



Gungan spokesperson, advocates for the lower class people of Coruscant. Has a health condition he got from fighting the CIS in the invasion of Naboo, means he needs to be constantly hooked up to bacta in order to survive. If off bacta for more than 7 minutes, he will die. Speaking in order to gain more followers and supporters.


General [name]

Just a regular General in the republic, related to the spokesperson through step parents.


Event Information: 


Have you ever Done an Event Before?: On a low pop server however it was usually using NPCs and very little ECs that usually took care of themselves.


What was your event and was it successfully executed?: I did a few events and they all went pretty well and received pretty positive feedback. No hitches in the execution, I believe they were done well.


Do you understand the responsibilities an event-planner has? If so, what are they?: I understand the responsibilities. The idea of an Event Planner is a trustworthy person with the goal of making a fun, engaging and exciting event for all parties involved. When out of events an event planner is expected to be a model member of the community and to not abuse the powers granted to them. In some cases an event planner may need to step up and quell disruption on the server if no staff members are available to do so themselves.


Do you understand at the beginning of passing the application stage, you will have to undergo a training phase until completely trusted to create and host events?: Of course. Makes sense.


Anything else?: Thanks for taking the time to read my EP app, I’d consider myself a “nerd” when it comes to Clone Wars lore so there are no issues in that department, W-G E-Planner

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Event is extremely interesting, detailed, and fleshed out. Camby is also experienced in ULX commands, which is very helpful. He's also very creative, competent, and Scottish. I see no reason as to why he can't be an EP.

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𝘋𝘜 𝘊𝘰𝘮𝘮𝘢𝘯𝘥𝘦𝘳 - 26/07/20 - 03/05/21


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Massive +1

  • Camby is a friendly lad and always engages well with everybody, reason I bring this up is because its massively important to engage with ECs
  • Your app nice, I really like your story and idea, like Dyno said, its fleshed out and detailed.
  • Basic knowledge of ULX which is very good.
  • However, this may be tough as a first event, but it is do-able.

Good luck boss

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+1 sound guy, decent event plan would love to have you aboard.

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+1 all has been said

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Just coming back to say this, My man is extremly hard worker. Even after what happended, he went back up the ranks and came to OS shows extreme dedication so ik he will do amazing


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All the reasons listed above

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All listed above

I also wanna kiss this man

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you can see he has put a lot of effort into it and how detailed it is and is also a trusted member of the community, also seems like a fun event.

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- Well made application and event plan

- Good community feedback

- Active on the server


Contact me or Navas on Teamspeak for an interview

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