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More Loading Screens

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What your suggestion is: Adding more loading screens.

Scriptfodder/workshop link: Not Required. Google Drive link containing newly suggested and previously aforementioned loading screens: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1x7SZjk5utoXIDmiGIj_w5AHISNUlYdMI?usp=sharing

Any additional information: My abilities have been furthered since the last time I have suggested this and I am once again here to give you some pretty decent loading screens. While I may not have the amount I did last time, I think these are much better than previously suggested. These also support 4k monitors so no shitty resolution for people who are able to afford them.


poster-20-10-01 17-28-12.png

poster-20-10-20 09-41-57.png

poster-20-10-22 15-46-00.png

poster-20-10-30 13-11-30.png


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Massive +1 current ones are old

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+1 I love the look of these, I wish there were more that featured more regiments such as CE, 74th and DU etc.

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+1 yes please make me look at something different and also add joes other ones from the past suggestion

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+1 All said above!

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